Rahul, Advanced Analytics Intern – DC Office

I am working as an Advanced Analytics Intern for about 11 weeks now. Being a music lover and a guitarist myself I knew SiriusXM was the right fit for the things I am most passionate about; Music and Data Science. To be honest, before coming here I did not have lot of expectations in terms of work because lot of my peers at grad school did not get good work as Interns at multinational firms. But let me tell you, interning at SiriusXM has been the best experience I have had in my academic career in every way.

An important thing about having a great experience as an Intern is having a great mentor. My mentor was open minded, friendly, knowledgeable, sophisticated and strategic in her work. The projects she involved me in were crucial and exciting to work on. She also guided me in the analyses. In general, everybody at SiriusXM is very kind, friendly and helpful making a productive work environment. My internship program was not only exciting in terms of work, it was also educational in nature because I got to learn a lot of things about how things work in Data Science in a business setting contrary to how we are directed to think when in academics. For anyone who likes to do real and challenging stuff in Data Science, I suggest to work hard to get into the internship program here, it is totally worth it!!

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