Abi, Content Marketing Intern – NYC Office

Previous to starting at SiriusXM, I had four internships in radio. While I loved radio, I wanted to expand my horizons beyond the typical administrative work and mundane tasks of my previous internships. I found that at SiriusXM. Working with Sam Kast and Melissa Cruz as my mentors, I was immediately plunged into the world of music, marketing, and programming. As a content marketing intern, I immediately was given tasks that had real impact – whether that be researching a band to give everyone a background on them for their upcoming visit to creating a PowerPoint about our Underplays that would be shown to actual artists and managers. There was no such thing as busy work. While the commute into the city was long and arduous, I always showed up to work at Sirius excited and ready to take on the day, knowing that someone would have something important ready for me to work on the second I opened my inbox.

Walking into the office every morning and seeing names like Cage the Elephant, Khalid, Lil Dicky, and The Cranberries flash across the welcome screen made me even more proud to say that I worked at such a cool, innovative, exciting place. The energy was always buzzing and you would always see a familiar face passing by the Fishbowl. Planning events like Kathie Lee’s last day and the Pandora Now channel announcement allowed me to see the execution and completion of my team’s meticulous planning and work come to fruition. I am beyond grateful for all the experiences I’ve had during my time at SiriusXM, and will take the important skills I learned to my final year at American University and, eventually, my career in the music industry.

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