Brittany, The Jenny McCarthy Show Intern – NYC Office

I’m a double major in television and film, but I have a lot of radio experience, so I figured I would expand my professional interests and apply for an internship at SiriusXM. As a second semester junior, my 3 previous internships were in television, and I had never had a radio internship. When their career page says that the interns aren’t getting coffee, and that the interns are behind the board and on the air, creating content, they’re serious about that. My first day on the job, I was thrown on the air, given assignments and got straight to work. That’s the kind of environment I love.

As an intern at The Jenny McCarthy Show specifically, there’s a lot going on, and a lot to plan for a two-hour show. I was researching guests and writing questions for the interviews early on, but within a week I was filming and editing in-studio segments and interviews to be put on the shows social media, and was filming a comedy behind-the-scenes series for Jenny that’s inspired by NBC’s The Office. I learned how to create GIFs, and soon built a small library of Jenny GIFs. The coolest thing about that, is that I saw people at other stations across the country use the GIFs that I made on their own social media. I was producing and writing segments, and eventually I was assigned to work on a video library archive that will be put on the SiriusXM App for on-demand content.

I did a lot of work at The Jenny McCarthy Show, and being able to see where that work was going really made me feel like I was legitimately on the team and not just an intern. I was treated as a young professional and trusted with work on the show, actually showing me that the work I was doing was directly affecting the show in a positive way.

My supervisors, David and Michele, and their AP Nicole, gave me the semester I never thought I wanted, but ended up a semester I never wanted to leave. The best thing about SiriusXM is that it’s a fast-paced environment, and there’s a lot going on, so there’s always something new to do which makes it impossible to get bored with the work I was doing. I hope to return in the future, and I’m really grateful for the opportunities that I was given for SiriusXM, and I’m thankful to have had the experience working for such a great company.

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