Gina, Music Programming Operations Intern – NYC Office

Interning at SiriusXM has been a one-of-a-kind experience. As an intern here you don’t get coffee or take out the trash, you do real work that ends up on air. It is so refreshing to intern for a company where people not only trust you to do good work, but treat you with real respect. Everyone has their internship horror stories, so I feel truly blessed to have interned at a place like SiriusXM.

Three times a week I commute an hour and a half to be here, and every second has been more than worth it. I’ve learned about everything from radio jargon to mixing voice tracks, and not once have I been afraid to ask questions or for guidance. Every day I have the opportunity to be creative, to practice my skills, and to learn something new.

If you’re thinking about applying to SiriusXM, I encourage you to do so. The amazing thing about interning here is the incredible diversity – everyone comes from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience, from all kinds of different fields. I’ve never once felt out of place. Even though I’ve learned all kinds of technical skills here, by far the most important skill I’ve gained is real confidence in what I do. After having an internship experience where people trust me to do real, important work, I feel so much more confident in what I‘m capable of, which is truly priceless.  

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