Jessica – POTUS Intern – DC Office

Walking into the SiriusXM studios in DC is an experience I will never forget. Politics, sports, music and more — all under one roof. This is an incredibly special place and it’s been an honor to be amongst all of this creativity and inspiration.

Everyday at the POTUS channel is different – along with my daily to-dos I’ve had so much fun hopping on various research projects and hands-on work that has taken me out of the studio and into conferences like CPAC. Throughout my time here, everyone on the POTUS channel was always willing to teach me something new or help me when I was stuck. It’s even better to learn from people who happily share their passions with you. Each show on the POTUS channel is unique in their own way and it’s been an amazing learning opportunity to work with each one.

I’m especially grateful for The Morning Briefing team – Tim, Jennifer, Shannon, Jose, and Jenna: Thank you! The early mornings are so worth it when you work with people that support you and accepts you as a part of the team. Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re surrounded by a group of individuals that love what they do.

I was encouraged to pitch stories and use my position to speak about issues that I cared about. During my time here I was able to produce two segments – one on federal changes to Title X and the other on the issue of child restraint and seclusion. Hearing something that I produced on air was surreal. Big thank you to Tamika Smith-Palmer for challenging me and allowing me to work on these issues. I saw first hand how a group of people in one room – in one studio – can make a difference. It was an honor to be a part of that.

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