Paul, Desktop Support Intern – NYC Office

When I applied to SiriusXM, I didn’t I had no idea what would come from this spectacular opportunity. It started out with just one phone call and that led up to becoming my first internship in a big corporate environment. What I was left with from this opportunity is the chance to experience how life would be like after I graduated college. I was used to the simple small office space the type that everyone knows everyone. While small offices are supposed to provide a wide range of personal connections, my experience in a small office wasn’t too stereotypical other than I met everyone in the office. Although, in comparison my experience with SiriusXM a giant company left me with more personal relationships then I had ever imagined. I have networked with just about every department, learning what their positions entail and how they got to where they are now. As a whole, I gained so much here in this internship from learning how to tackle my day to day tickets being a desktop support technician, to tips and tricks on the job, to networking from the networking team to career advice, and the list can go on. I truly have been blessed by the gift of this internship, I enjoyed speaking with other interns learning how they tackle the commute to SiriusXM and back to college. I’ve seen so much growth in myself and others which isn’t something that can be taught in college it’s when you get your hands dirty is when you truly go above and beyond. Finishing up this internship has left me feeling sad and I know I’ll come to feel nostalgic speaking to so many different people of all walks in life, ones that I’ve connected to, but it’s come a time that this fantastic internship comes to an end. To sum up this internship stupendously I would have to agree with what grabbed my attention in the application I saw online, which states “SiriusXM interns don’t make coffee”! 

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