Reed, Music Programming Operations Intern – NYC Office

My time at Sirius XM was filled with doing different things every day that were inherently creative and involved active relationships being built with others in order to put forth the best possible programs. The internship breeds an attitude about taking chances, good notes, and approaching people with an openness to get involved. I worked on editing programs like Adobe Audition and Zetta, screened callers in Times Square and Rockefeller Center for on air questions, collected music history information over the last fifty years, worked in studio alongside producers and talent, checked voice tracks and raw audio of interviews/performances to get a peek into the process behind the scenes, and pitched ideas in a collaborative sense. At Sirius XM, people give you feedback on your projects and you notice the ways in which you improve constantly. You are asked to become a part of a team, one in which everyone has a place they have carved out for themselves to continue paths of discovery. Those individual inclinations will come up for you while you are doing the work and they become natural to share with others. Then, you build upon them with the co-worker you are partnering with until something materializes out of your suggestion.

            This is a venue that is intrigued by your continued success, which comes out not only during the course of the work, but in multiple office-wide lunches and many information sessions with Alison, Christine, and the rest of the interns. This way, you get to know other people you work with more intimately, both in your shared experience as an intern and with those who are part of the company full time. The lessons you learn at these events are vast, from the history and character of Sirius XM’s mission statement and financial foundation to the stories of former interns, who tell you step-by-step how they transferred into a more permanent role. Communication is heavily promoted between departments. On the Music Programming floor, you will get to know people from Talk, and interact with those who deal directly with the talent, or on the legal side of things. This allows you to see the rich variety of work ethic throughout the establishment. At SiriusXM, no one has to compromise who they are, they just have to be willing to take enough of a risk to step forward inventively. Once they do, their effort is remembered and called upon to add to the overall feeling of a very rewarding experience. Thank you all for this opportunity, I will never forget it!

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