Danielle, Music Programming Operations – DC Office

During my internship experience at Sirius XM I have been fully immersed in the world of satellite radio, working with various channels, such as Diplo Radio, Insomniac, Soul Town and The Groove, which are integral to the overall success of the company. After applying to the program for several years, I was so excited to finally be a part of such a great team. My mentor Rawle was extremely helpful and integral in ensuring that I felt a part of this team. He led by example and granted the permission to complete tasks and improve on audio editing skills, programming, and communication across various departments.

This internship went by so quickly, but I learned so much during my 12 weeks here. Everyone on staff was extremely helpful in making sure that I learned as much as possible. My favorite part of the internship was sitting in on an interview with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter David Porter. My experiences at Sirius gave me the knowledge to enter the world of radio in any capacity.

Nafran, Desktop Support – NYC Office

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside SiriusXM’s Desktop Support team. As a graduating senior at Baruch College, the internship further supplemented my knowledge of the IT field through mentorship and hands-on experience. My mentor, Robin, acknowledged that I will be amongst intense competition when applying to jobs post-graduation and made sure that I was able to get extensive yet in-depth experience in all areas of desktop support.

SiriusXM is filled with amazing people who do incredible things. Being in Desktop Support, I was able to meet and communicate with employees of all levels who were all so very kind. Working alongside Robin, Arnold, Nicholas, Robert and Yvon allowed me to absorb knowledge amongst a team of diverse and seasoned IT support technicians. During my internship I took part in critical projects and resolved various tickets/incidents. ServiceDesk tasks that were assigned to me covered the following areas: profile storage issues, workstation setups, new hire laptop configuration, asset management, hardware/software troubleshooting and installations, migrations, desk moves, IP phone configuration, WebEx (Cisco TelePresence) and Zoom (Cisco Sparkboard) meeting setups, conference room setups, Active Directory, SCCM, Jabber, VPN, battery replacements, and communicating with outside vendors when necessary.

These last few months as a Desktop Support Intern at SiriusXM has prepared me for a career upon graduation. My experience has prepared me for an overall IT support role and has strengthened my leadership and project management skills. A huge thanks my mentor Robin and the entire HR team for considering my application and the easy onboarding process (Alison, Kristina, and Janeire). I would not have wanted to spend my last semester elsewhere.

Thank you, SiriusXM!

Domenica, Music Programming – DC Office

My time at SiriusXM has been nothing short of amazing. I interned for the Music Programming Department, specifically for the Latin Channels this semester. I learned a lot about activating music and scheduling music/shows for the channels. I was able to complete research projects on numerous artist, which taught me about all the work that goes into interviewing an artist and having them perform. My manager, Israel, was always there to help me with any questions I had and made sure that I got a full experience in regards to hands-on music projects.

The duration of the internship goes by quickly but everyone on the team made sure that I was meeting my goals, and they were always willing to teach me something new. My favorite part of the internship was being able to go to the studio and record a segment for the Aguila channel. I got to see how the recording process works and what it feels like to be interviewed. Hearing myself on the app later that night was the coolest experience. Everyone here loves what they do and are happy doing it which made the experience that much more fun!

Gina, Music Programming – NYC Office

Interning at SiriusXM has been a one-of-a-kind experience. As an intern here you don’t get coffee or take out the trash, you do real work that ends up on air. It is so refreshing to intern for a company where people not only trust you to do good work, but treat you with real respect. Everyone has their internship horror stories, so I feel truly blessed to have interned at a place like SiriusXM.

Three times a week I commute an hour and a half to be here, and every second has been more than worth it. I’ve learned about everything from radio jargon to mixing voice tracks, and not once have I been afraid to ask questions or for guidance. Every day I have the opportunity to be creative, to practice my skills, and to learn something new.

If you’re thinking about applying to SiriusXM, I encourage you to do so. The amazing thing about interning here is the incredible diversity – everyone comes from different backgrounds, with different levels of experience, from all kinds of different fields. I’ve never once felt out of place. Even though I’ve learned all kinds of technical skills here, by far the most important skill I’ve gained is real confidence in what I do. After having an internship experience where people trust me to do real, important work, I feel so much more confident in what I‘m capable of, which is truly priceless.  

Jamie, Talk Programming Intern – Just Jenny

I worked at SiriusXM for two semesters in programming. I learned more than I could ever imagine. This internship was hands on, it was rigorous, and it was really fun. Each day that I came into the office I knew I could expect something new. Whether it was coming in and seeing some of my favorite celebrities in the lobby, listening in on interviews, or catching up with the latest news I was constantly engaged.

This is the type of job where the time flies. Often I will look at the clock and it will be time for me to go! My boss was always super accommodating with me and understanding when something came up or I needed her help. As you can imagine over the 2 semesters I got really close with my team. SiriusXM will always be a place I will cherish as I delve further into the workforce. I didn’t feel like I was just an intern, I really felt part of the family and for that I will always be grateful.

Ashley, Volume Intern – NYC Office

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to describe my internship here at Sirius. After determining that that they only way for you to truly understand is by experiencing it for yourself, I figured I’d talk a little about what I had the opportunity to do for the past 2 months.

My internship at SiriusXM is one that I will never forget. I worked on the Volume Channel for the semester helping out on “Trunk Nation” one of our live shows that airs every day. On top of working on “Trunk Nation” I constantly helped out on one of our other daily live shows “Debatable.” The thing about interning at Sirius is that it never feels like work. I’ve enjoyed every assignment that they would give me, because it wasn’t busy work, it was real assignments that mattered and helped out the shows on our channel. You never get coffee at Sirius, unless you’re the one drinking it, and that is what pulled me in because they care about you learning and being able to do everything that they teach you, and not just giving the intern tasks to fill up time.

Now I didn’t only enjoy it because I loved the work that I had the chance to do. I also enjoyed the people I worked with. Now, Ed was a phenomenal mentor and he was always willing to answer my questions no matter how many I asked him. And don’t forget all the bad jokes and “Fun facts!” that he would tell multiple times of the day.He was one of my favorite people to work with- even after he rick-rolled me over email. Another notable person I’ve had the privilege of working with is Evan, he truly cares and also is one great guy with an amazing sense of humor who will brighten up your day. Working on projects for Feedback for Matt and Alex always go smoothly and if you don’t quite understand what you need to do, they take the time to help you and go over your work so you can only improve! Now I absolutely cannot forget Raven and Kerry, they are two women that I looked up to throughout the duration of my internship I can only hope that I will be able to run the board as fast as Kerry one day and that I will know everyone and everything like Raven does one day. These people truly made my internship go from a great experience to an amazing one.

I only have a little bit of advice that I’d like to leave you with, if you’re considering an internship at Sirius, do it. It is one of the best experiences that you can have and it will be truly one that I will miss now that my internship has come to an end.

Nicholas, Cousin Brucie Intern – NYC Office

For three months now, I have had the opportunity and the privilege to travel to New York City, to work in the media capital of the world, and to be taught by the professionals that make SiriusXM what it is today, some of whom, helped to shape this industry from its infancy. I have had the honor to walk the same halls as Chris Russo, Steve Cohen, Howard Stern, Sway, and of course my mentor Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie). My experience is beyond words. I thought I knew plenty, about what makes a great radio program, that what I learned in college and volunteering at my school radio station would take me where I needed to go.

 IT pains me to think of a scenario in which I didn’t meet Cousin Brucie. What I have learned from him exceeded my wildest expectations of what working for the man would be like. A titan of radio, a progenitor of the medium, and yet the kind-hearted, warm, and honest man you hear over the airwaves,is exactly who he is in person. Brucie has not only encouraged my pursuit of a sports programming internship but also took steps to put me in front of people who could make it a reality. The Cuz’s message to me was blending ideas and learning everything is the best thing you can do for yourself. “Never be afraid to know more.” I’ll never forget those words. Colton Murray, the Associate Producer of The Cousin Brucie Show, followed and still follows this example. Not once between the two of them did I ever feel like an errand boy, or a coffee/food runner, or less than. From day one Brucie and Colton had me running call screening, recording, ingesting,and cueing up audio, aiding in building shows, aiding in setting up interview sand planning events, putting together “best of” shows for Brucie, and yes,running the board. I also had the unique opportunity to work with Alex  and Michael to help many other music shows and stations within SiriusXM as well. You can’t know something until you do it. Until you see what an actual workday in this field consists of, how can you be sure you’re in the right job? So, take my word for it. Apply to SiriusXM. Apply to work with these wonderful people and teachers. Apply yourself and always strive to be better. Apply your knowledge and don’t be afraid to ask questions or learn more than you think you can. I promise you that you’ll never regret the time spent and you’ll never have an experience quite like it.

Pennie, The Jenny McCarthy Show Intern – NYC Offices

My experience as a SiriusXM intern on the Jenny McCarthy Show was more than I could have ever imagined. I am a 2nd year graduate student at The New School and originally from Houston, Texas. I moved to NYC to pursue my dreams as a multimedia professional. I always felt a bit behind in my career because I studied psychology in undergrad and discovered my passion for media towards the end of my undergraduate career. I had plans on becoming a psychiatrist until a friend and I developed a talk show for YouTube and I immediately fell in love with the field.

One of my major goals on my 2017 vision board was to intern for a major radio platform like SiriusXM. I knew that an internship with this company would be a great step towards my ultimate goals. I wanted to learn the ins and outs of producing/hosting a radio show on a large platform. When I got the call that I was chosen for the internship program I was so excited and shocked. The radio industry is very competitive and thousands of people apply to be an intern each semester. Getting this chance was very monumental for me because it let me know that packing my bags and leaving my old life in Texas was ultimately the best decision. It was reassuring to know that someone believed in my talent and potential enough to mentor me and allow me into their workspace.

Everyone on the team at The Jenny McCarthy Show welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable, they are so understanding, sweet, and super funny! I have done a lot of internships in media before and this experience has by far been the best and most inclusive. Over the past 10 weeks, I truly felt a part of the show. I was able to sharpen up on my audio and video editing skills. Seeing my work on the shows YouTube channel and hearing the audio clips that I worked on during the live show was awesome. I learned the ins and outs of the NexGen Digital software, how to run the broads, how to upload shows for the SiriusXM On Demand App, and how to properly screen calls. I was also given complete creative control when it came to Instagram stories during guest interviews. The highlight of my internship was being able to showcase my talents as an aspiring on-air personality/host. Jenny allowed me to speak on topics and weigh in on the discussion and I produced/hosted 2 segments all on my own.

I met some amazing people that I hope to stay in contact with forever. Thank you so much, David, Michele, and Nicole, you guys are the best and I will cherish this forever. Jenny, thank you so much for always being so kind to me and allowing me to use my voice on certain topics and issues. I promise to make you all proud. Lastly, Alison thank you for all of your advice, thanks for believing in me and for always being so easy to communicate with!

Michael, Music Programming Intern – NYC Office

In August, I was selected to join SiriusXM Satellite Radio as an Intern for music programming. I knew this opportunity would support my career path with radio production, professional development, and I would meet some of the best talent in the industry. I was excited to improve my skills, support various channels, and work for the best radio company in the world.

I remember the first day where all the interns from different departments learned the policies and procedures at SiriusXM. We all left to our respected locations knowing something great was going to happen in the next three months. My mentor was SwaggySie who has two shows on SiriusXM and one of the leaders at Shade45 music channel. She displayed the importance of quality content, attention to detail, and providing support to all channels.

I was assigned to Shade45 for current hip hop music and worked on various channels for different genres of music. One of the many highlights was to work on live content for Rock The Bells channel on their signature show “Have A Nice Day” with Roxanne Shante. The adrenaline rush was incredible providing live support from researching show material, interacting with callers, and bring out the best content each show.

Everyone has a significant role at SiriusXM creating the best content everyday for all subscribers. The atmosphere could change at any moment with coordinators working on special projects and preparing breaking news for on air talent. I was thriller to start my internship at SiriusXM however, I could never imagined it would be one of my best experiences working in media. My internship has helped me identify my career path with radio production and I am looking forward to a career at SiriusXM Radio.

Ryan, Music Programming Operations – DC Office

I loved my time at SiriusXM. I interned in the Music Programming Department, primarily programming for Diplo’s Revolution and Insomniac Radio – two EDM stations. While I was here, I worked alongside Rawle Becerril and I have to say, if I had a position with anyone else, I may not have had as much fun. Rawle is a DJ, Producer, “Chub Rub” Label Rep, and a house music maven. He made sure the internship never felt like a job, and I always enjoyed coming to work.

Interning at SiriusXM, I learned a lot of what I expected to learn. I learned the processes of programming and editing audio – in that regard, they hit the mark. But most of what I learned was unexpected. In the short time I was here, I discovered I had a taste for EDM and I wanted to start DJing and producing for myself. I have been a musician all my life, but I noticed I started attending more DJ sets and appreciating certain artists more – artists I’d heard about but never cared to explore. This was what I enjoyed most about the experience. It lead me to a refreshing self-discovery.

I am glad I interned with SiriusXM. It is the unexpected outcomes from experiences like these that shape who we are. I know I would not be the same person without it.