Brittany, The Jenny McCarthy Show Intern – NYC Office

I’m a double major in television and film, but I have a lot of radio experience, so I figured I would expand my professional interests and apply for an internship at SiriusXM. As a second semester junior, my 3 previous internships were in television, and I had never had a radio internship. When their career page says that the interns aren’t getting coffee, and that the interns are behind the board and on the air, creating content, they’re serious about that. My first day on the job, I was thrown on the air, given assignments and got straight to work. That’s the kind of environment I love.

As an intern at The Jenny McCarthy Show specifically, there’s a lot going on, and a lot to plan for a two-hour show. I was researching guests and writing questions for the interviews early on, but within a week I was filming and editing in-studio segments and interviews to be put on the shows social media, and was filming a comedy behind-the-scenes series for Jenny that’s inspired by NBC’s The Office. I learned how to create GIFs, and soon built a small library of Jenny GIFs. The coolest thing about that, is that I saw people at other stations across the country use the GIFs that I made on their own social media. I was producing and writing segments, and eventually I was assigned to work on a video library archive that will be put on the SiriusXM App for on-demand content.

I did a lot of work at The Jenny McCarthy Show, and being able to see where that work was going really made me feel like I was legitimately on the team and not just an intern. I was treated as a young professional and trusted with work on the show, actually showing me that the work I was doing was directly affecting the show in a positive way.

My supervisors, David and Michele, and their AP Nicole, gave me the semester I never thought I wanted, but ended up a semester I never wanted to leave. The best thing about SiriusXM is that it’s a fast-paced environment, and there’s a lot going on, so there’s always something new to do which makes it impossible to get bored with the work I was doing. I hope to return in the future, and I’m really grateful for the opportunities that I was given for SiriusXM, and I’m thankful to have had the experience working for such a great company.

Paul, Desktop Support Intern – NYC Office

When I applied to SiriusXM, I didn’t I had no idea what would come from this spectacular opportunity. It started out with just one phone call and that led up to becoming my first internship in a big corporate environment. What I was left with from this opportunity is the chance to experience how life would be like after I graduated college. I was used to the simple small office space the type that everyone knows everyone. While small offices are supposed to provide a wide range of personal connections, my experience in a small office wasn’t too stereotypical other than I met everyone in the office. Although, in comparison my experience with SiriusXM a giant company left me with more personal relationships then I had ever imagined. I have networked with just about every department, learning what their positions entail and how they got to where they are now. As a whole, I gained so much here in this internship from learning how to tackle my day to day tickets being a desktop support technician, to tips and tricks on the job, to networking from the networking team to career advice, and the list can go on. I truly have been blessed by the gift of this internship, I enjoyed speaking with other interns learning how they tackle the commute to SiriusXM and back to college. I’ve seen so much growth in myself and others which isn’t something that can be taught in college it’s when you get your hands dirty is when you truly go above and beyond. Finishing up this internship has left me feeling sad and I know I’ll come to feel nostalgic speaking to so many different people of all walks in life, ones that I’ve connected to, but it’s come a time that this fantastic internship comes to an end. To sum up this internship stupendously I would have to agree with what grabbed my attention in the application I saw online, which states “SiriusXM interns don’t make coffee”! 

Abi, Content Marketing Intern – NYC Office

Previous to starting at SiriusXM, I had four internships in radio. While I loved radio, I wanted to expand my horizons beyond the typical administrative work and mundane tasks of my previous internships. I found that at SiriusXM. Working with Sam Kast and Melissa Cruz as my mentors, I was immediately plunged into the world of music, marketing, and programming. As a content marketing intern, I immediately was given tasks that had real impact – whether that be researching a band to give everyone a background on them for their upcoming visit to creating a PowerPoint about our Underplays that would be shown to actual artists and managers. There was no such thing as busy work. While the commute into the city was long and arduous, I always showed up to work at Sirius excited and ready to take on the day, knowing that someone would have something important ready for me to work on the second I opened my inbox.

Walking into the office every morning and seeing names like Cage the Elephant, Khalid, Lil Dicky, and The Cranberries flash across the welcome screen made me even more proud to say that I worked at such a cool, innovative, exciting place. The energy was always buzzing and you would always see a familiar face passing by the Fishbowl. Planning events like Kathie Lee’s last day and the Pandora Now channel announcement allowed me to see the execution and completion of my team’s meticulous planning and work come to fruition. I am beyond grateful for all the experiences I’ve had during my time at SiriusXM, and will take the important skills I learned to my final year at American University and, eventually, my career in the music industry.

Lilit, TaIent Relations Intern – LA Office

When I first uploaded my resume to be considered for an internship at SiriusXM, I never thought that I’d actually get a response back, or that I would have the chance to work for such an iconic name within the entertainment industry. And in no way did I ever think I would be given the opportunity to stay for an additional semester and intern in the department I had dreamed of working in my whole life. 

As a Talent Relations intern, I was entrusted with assisting the talent team in pitching and booking guests in order to ensure that the shows at SiriusXM have a wide variety of celebrities and content on their channels. Since the producers rely on the talent department, I was required to learn all the steps in the booking process, keep track of a handful of documents, archive legal paperwork, and most importantly, understand how to solve problems on the fly, in order to make sure that guests arrive on time so that the shows run seamlessly. As a talent liaison, it was crucial to ensure talent and their reps left our studios having had a positive experience at SiriusXM, in order to create strong relationships with guests.

What made this experience all the more worthwhile was the SiriusXM staff I had the pleasure of working with over the course of my internship. The LA Office Manager and Talent Relations Coordinator, Jenny, was the most wonderful manager I could have ever asked for. She walked me through all the steps one-by-one and kept a “how-to” document on hand for me to refer to if I ever needed any extra help remembering tasks. She was beyond helpful in teaching me all that goes into Talent Relations and was happy to answer any/all questions I had regarding the department, SiriusXM, and the entertainment industry in general. When I was able to prove my capabilities, she even gave me additional tasks to work on and trusted me to assist with high-profile bookings. Her thoroughness throughout the internship has made feel confident in my Talent Relations knowledge and has made me realize that this is exactly what I’d like to do for a living!

Beyond what I learned, the connections I made here at the LA office is something that I consider extremely valuable. Everyone in our office was beyond kind and approachable which was extremely important because the Talent Relations department works in tandem with all other departments. They made me feel like I had always been a part of the team, never “just an intern.”

These eight months at SiriusXM have honestly been the absolute greatest and I am so grateful to the internship coordinators and managers who took a chance on me. I truly hope to be able to return to SiriusXM in the future and join the team full-time, in order to continue to help them further innovate and excel in the industry.

Joan – Rock The Bells Intern- NYC Office

Throughout these couple of months interning for SiriusXM, it’s been nothing but a pleasure. When interning for huge companies you usually don’t get to do hands-on tasks, but here at SiriusXM you are treated like any other employee. Having that hands-on experience as well as creative freedom is what I value most here because I will take this knowledge and apply it.

My internship was specifically with Channel 43 LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio hosted by Roxanne Shante featuring DJ Sylk. From the start of my internship, The Rock The Bells Radio team has been nothing but welcoming and gave me a sense of family. Roxanne took me in as one of her own and gave me many tips and tools to help me advance in this field. I have made connections in this office that I will always cherish and I thank SiriusXM for teaching me tools that go far beyond a classroom.

Jessica – POTUS Intern – DC Office

Walking into the SiriusXM studios in DC is an experience I will never forget. Politics, sports, music and more — all under one roof. This is an incredibly special place and it’s been an honor to be amongst all of this creativity and inspiration.

Everyday at the POTUS channel is different – along with my daily to-dos I’ve had so much fun hopping on various research projects and hands-on work that has taken me out of the studio and into conferences like CPAC. Throughout my time here, everyone on the POTUS channel was always willing to teach me something new or help me when I was stuck. It’s even better to learn from people who happily share their passions with you. Each show on the POTUS channel is unique in their own way and it’s been an amazing learning opportunity to work with each one.

I’m especially grateful for The Morning Briefing team – Tim, Jennifer, Shannon, Jose, and Jenna: Thank you! The early mornings are so worth it when you work with people that support you and accepts you as a part of the team. Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re surrounded by a group of individuals that love what they do.

I was encouraged to pitch stories and use my position to speak about issues that I cared about. During my time here I was able to produce two segments – one on federal changes to Title X and the other on the issue of child restraint and seclusion. Hearing something that I produced on air was surreal. Big thank you to Tamika Smith-Palmer for challenging me and allowing me to work on these issues. I saw first hand how a group of people in one room – in one studio – can make a difference. It was an honor to be a part of that.

Reed, Music Programming Operations Intern – NYC Office

My time at Sirius XM was filled with doing different things every day that were inherently creative and involved active relationships being built with others in order to put forth the best possible programs. The internship breeds an attitude about taking chances, good notes, and approaching people with an openness to get involved. I worked on editing programs like Adobe Audition and Zetta, screened callers in Times Square and Rockefeller Center for on air questions, collected music history information over the last fifty years, worked in studio alongside producers and talent, checked voice tracks and raw audio of interviews/performances to get a peek into the process behind the scenes, and pitched ideas in a collaborative sense. At Sirius XM, people give you feedback on your projects and you notice the ways in which you improve constantly. You are asked to become a part of a team, one in which everyone has a place they have carved out for themselves to continue paths of discovery. Those individual inclinations will come up for you while you are doing the work and they become natural to share with others. Then, you build upon them with the co-worker you are partnering with until something materializes out of your suggestion.

            This is a venue that is intrigued by your continued success, which comes out not only during the course of the work, but in multiple office-wide lunches and many information sessions with Alison, Christine, and the rest of the interns. This way, you get to know other people you work with more intimately, both in your shared experience as an intern and with those who are part of the company full time. The lessons you learn at these events are vast, from the history and character of Sirius XM’s mission statement and financial foundation to the stories of former interns, who tell you step-by-step how they transferred into a more permanent role. Communication is heavily promoted between departments. On the Music Programming floor, you will get to know people from Talk, and interact with those who deal directly with the talent, or on the legal side of things. This allows you to see the rich variety of work ethic throughout the establishment. At SiriusXM, no one has to compromise who they are, they just have to be willing to take enough of a risk to step forward inventively. Once they do, their effort is remembered and called upon to add to the overall feeling of a very rewarding experience. Thank you all for this opportunity, I will never forget it!

Talia, Hits1 Intern- LA Office

My internship experience at SiriusXM has been one I will never forget. I am currently interning at SiriusXM’s Hits 1 in Hollywood and I enjoy every single minute of the job. My position allows me to do what I love to do every single day. I am responsible for: assisting with show prep, researching interviewees, participating in on-air talent segments and editing audio for the show as well.

              The company culture and the people who work at SiriusXM are truly what makes “going to the office” a one of a kind experience. The producer, Timothy, who I work with directly, has always valued my input and has never viewed me as an “intern,” but as a coworker. Tim also has gone above and beyond to help me with my career goals. He has given me great feedback on many independent projects that I do as well.

Now, the on-air talent, Michael Yo, TonyFly and Symon, all of them are great at what they do as hosts every single day. Additionally, each of them has taken the time to learn about my career interests and have given me wonderful advice in order to work toward my goals. No question I ask them is a stupid question and each of them take time to teach me what they have learned in the world of radio.

              I can truly say I am grateful for this experience, and I enjoy working at this company so much so that I will be continuing to intern with SiriusXM in New York. This summer, I will be interning with The Jenny McCarthy Show and I cannot wait to learn more about what SiriusXM has to offer!

Danielle, Music Programming Operations Intern – DC Office

During my internship experience at Sirius XM I have been fully immersed in the world of satellite radio, working with various channels, such as Diplo Radio, Insomniac, Soul Town and The Groove, which are integral to the overall success of the company. After applying to the program for several years, I was so excited to finally be a part of such a great team. My mentor Rawle was extremely helpful and integral in ensuring that I felt a part of this team. He led by example and granted the permission to complete tasks and improve on audio editing skills, programming, and communication across various departments.

This internship went by so quickly, but I learned so much during my 12 weeks here. Everyone on staff was extremely helpful in making sure that I learned as much as possible. My favorite part of the internship was sitting in on an interview with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter David Porter. My experiences at Sirius gave me the knowledge to enter the world of radio in any capacity.

Nafran, Desktop Support Intern – NYC Office

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside SiriusXM’s Desktop Support team. As a graduating senior at Baruch College, the internship further supplemented my knowledge of the IT field through mentorship and hands-on experience. My mentor, Robin, acknowledged that I will be amongst intense competition when applying to jobs post-graduation and made sure that I was able to get extensive yet in-depth experience in all areas of desktop support.

SiriusXM is filled with amazing people who do incredible things. Being in Desktop Support, I was able to meet and communicate with employees of all levels who were all so very kind. Working alongside Robin, Arnold, Nicholas, Robert and Yvon allowed me to absorb knowledge amongst a team of diverse and seasoned IT support technicians. During my internship I took part in critical projects and resolved various tickets/incidents. ServiceDesk tasks that were assigned to me covered the following areas: profile storage issues, workstation setups, new hire laptop configuration, asset management, hardware/software troubleshooting and installations, migrations, desk moves, IP phone configuration, WebEx (Cisco TelePresence) and Zoom (Cisco Sparkboard) meeting setups, conference room setups, Active Directory, SCCM, Jabber, VPN, battery replacements, and communicating with outside vendors when necessary.

These last few months as a Desktop Support Intern at SiriusXM has prepared me for a career upon graduation. My experience has prepared me for an overall IT support role and has strengthened my leadership and project management skills. A huge thanks my mentor Robin and the entire HR team for considering my application and the easy onboarding process (Alison, Kristina, and Janeire). I would not have wanted to spend my last semester elsewhere.

Thank you, SiriusXM!