Danielle, Talk Programming Intern

Thus far my internship at Sirius XM has been great! I’m working for the “Michelangelo Signorile Show” on Progress 127 and the production team has been so welcoming.  The host and producers made the transition onto the team easy. I’ve been handling a lot of audio editing whether it be interviews, listener testimonials, or putting together best of segments for the show. This is perfect because I love audio editing; it’s essentially an art form. I hope that whatever career path I take it entails audio editing. I also ran the boards, handled call screenings and conducted research for interview write-ups, but I’m most excited about the audio editing!


The guests we’ve had on the show are pretty interesting too. Michelangelo covers a range of topics from politics to LGBT rights and authors like Marc Lewis have been on the show. I’ve also gotten to see a range of celebrities from musicians to actors to established authors in the building. My first or second day I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich near the fishbowl, the main studio near the entrance, and I saw Phil Collins! It’s funny because I remember being in the car with my mom when I was little blasting “In the Air Tonight.”


This internship has already given me a better understanding of my career path and the staff, especially those I work closely with, have been very supportive of my work. This internship really hasn’t been about seeing all these celebrities, even though it’s an exciting aspect of the job, it’s really me trying to figure out where I’m going to end up. I am excited that we are interviewing Martha Plimpton who played Stef in The Goonies though!


Also, the producer for the “Karen Hunter Show,” has also been helping me out and giving me advice about the direction of my career. He does his work in the same office as I,  so we’ve talked a number of times about his career as a producer. What I’ve taken from this internship is that I really want to work in radio in some way, shape, or form. I need to figure it out soon though because I have to get a job to support my tortoise shell cat, Bella!


Michael, Intern with SiriusXM’s Radio Andy

My experience so far at SiriusXM has been nothing but great.  Going in nervous due to the unknowns changed so much as I am very comfortable working here and it is going on my third week.  I am working with a great group of people at Radio Andy. Every day I am learning the tools to run a successful radio channel. They never make me feel uncomfortable and are very patient with me as I continue to learn the everyday responsibilities that need to get done. My favorite part so far of this internship has to be when I am able to go down to the studio to see a live show being done. I can truly see and understand how much work it is to make something sound so simple to everyday listeners. It takes a lot of creativity, knowledge of the content, timing, and selecting the proper guest for the segment as well as so much more to set up a great show.  I truly enjoy seeing all these elements come together live in the studio. I continue to learn and I am getting more comfortable with my duties when I come here and it is always pretty cool running into a special guest that is visiting the studio for another channel. I look forward to coming to work each week, and hope to continue to enjoy my stay at SiriusXM Radio Andy.


Sidney, Summer 2016 Intern – Entertainment Weekly Radio

I’ve been an intern with Sirius XM, Entertainment Weekly Channel 105 for a month now. I cannot believe it, the time seems to be just flying by! This is my first real internship with a major company and I must say I’m in awe. I love radio, it’s my passion and it’s amazing to see and be a part of the magic listeners are hearing. Each day I come in I get to go into the live studio with the hosts on EW Morning Live, and watch how they captivate the air.

I also, get to the see EW Morning Live’s Producer create the magic behind the show, and assist her in studio by screening calls. As soon as we wrap up the show, I get to come upstairs and make a little bit of my own magic, I’m responsible for editing the EW news headlines, which run all day and over the weekend!

So far my experience has been fantastic, and I can’t wait until I’m given more task and opportunity. I’m learning a lot just watching the producers on my channel.

It saddens me to think that I only have a semester with these wonderful people, but I plan to soak in this experience and make it worthwhile. This company is just filled with wonderful people, even as you walk through the halls, everyone is so friendly and outgoing! This company is so upbeat and filled with the most positive energy. Sirius XM rocks and I hope to continue on this amazing journey.

Tomorrow is our first Snack & Learn session, I’m excited to see the interns I entered this journey with, and hear how the experience is going for them. I feel like we are so lucky, to be here. This is truly something that a textbook or school can’t teach you, this is the real world, with real work.


Also, side note I saw Cuba Gooding Jr. my first day on the job! Who can say that!