Ellie, Music Programming Intern – Washington, D.C. Studio


My internship at SiriusXM’s Classical Channel has been a wonderful experience thus far. By the first day of work, I had outlined a series of goals with my fantastic mentor, David. David’s long and fruitful career within the classical music industry has made him the perfect mentor, as his passion only motivates me to achieve my own goals. These goals have included how to interview for future jobs and networking, music programming, and learning the ins and outs of different computer tools used in the business. I hope that by the end of my internship, I might have the opportunity to program a music segment that will air on the radio. This opportunity is not your typical nine to five office job, and I think that the end product speaks for that fact.


Shannon, Talk Programming Intern – Washington, D.C. Studio

This past week, I received my first real media badge while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference  (CPAC) at the National Harbor as an intern for the P.O.T.U.S. channel. CPAC is a four day conference for the GOP that is meant to be a time to carve out a message for the party while also hearing from some of the GOP’s top members. Notable speakers at this year’s CPAC included President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Steve Bannon, and Reince Priebus. While at first glance CPAC may appear to be just a huge pep rally for the GOP, it actually serves an incredibly important purpose in allowing Republicans from all over the country to congregate and define what their party stands for. The biggest lesson I learned from this experience is that on-location broadcast does not always go as planned. On one of the days of CPAC, all media was forced to leave the building while they did a security sweep before Pence could enter the building. This meant our usual host at this time was not be able to broadcast for an hour, so one of our other staff members that is not usually on the air had to jump on the mic back at the studio. Experiencing CPAC as an intern allowed me to have a glance into what it’s like when shows here at SiriusXM broadcast from important political events.

Julia, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Studio


Interning with Jenny McCarthy at SiriusXM has taught me a lot about my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I initially wanted to work on a music show with Sirius, but agreed to work in talk programming when the music position was filled and no longer available. Although hesitant prior to the beginning of my internship, I quickly adjusted to the talk radio atmosphere and can see myself continuing along this path in the future. I love talk radio’s fast-paced environment and the cheeky style of Jenny’s show. I have noticed that while everyone working on the show likes to have fun, they take their jobs very seriously. The show takes on a sarcastic tone that is hard to abandon off the air, but everyone who works on the show does an amazing job of balancing humor with hard work. My multi-tasking abilities were put to the test this week when two of the four people working on the show were out sick. I had to perform my regular intern duties while also filling in for one of the show’s producers. This gave me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and show my capabilities to my mentors. I would like to continue taking on difficult and demanding tasks for the show. The show’s producers asked me to compile a list of potential guests for the show (an assignment I thoroughly enjoyed and it felt great to know my thoughts and ideas were valued). This is something I hope to do more of throughout my internship. Once I sent the list in, the producers told me how impressed they were. I plan to keep a running list of potential guests to send to them weekly. Additionally, I look forward to other radio production tasks such as audio editing in order to expand my radio repertoire.


Ashley, Creative Services Intern – NYC Office


Today makes the third completed week of my internship and I have to say, I’m having a great experience so far and I am so thankful to be here! I have learned quite a few things from my mentor and other members of the Creative Services department. Working with this team, I have witnessed how important the department is to SiriusXM. Well, I’m pretty sure every department is very important, but I I am apart of one of the best teams here at SiriusXM. Creative Services works with every team to help create and brand creative ways to expand the company. One experience that stood out to the most was designing logos for new music channels with the graphic designers! I also went to an event for Black History Month, Disruptors: Past, Present, and Future which was great and very informative. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to SiriusXM employees from multiple departments. I can’t wait to experience more at SiriusXM!

Juan, Finance Intern – NYC Office

So far my time at Sirius XM has been great, not only am I reinforcing and learning new skills within finance but it has also exposed me to a different culture than my previous internship at a large investment bank.  My team has given me projects and daily duties that allow me to see the trends in our business and I am able to produce meaningful work. I look forward to the month close coming up and to putting together our part of the Q1 earnings.


A Farewell Celebration for the Fall 2016 Interns

Saying goodbye to the fall interns was hard, but I am thrilled that some of the interns will be returning for the spring session to gain more experience and knowledge from our mentors.  There were 56 SiriusXM Interns this fall and each one of them worked so hard and I know their futures will be filled with success.  It was a joy to guide and lead a group of bright, creative, hard working, and respectful students.  Congratulations to the Fall 2016 Class!

Zameer, Information Technology Intern – N.Y.C. Office

(Written on 12/16/16)

As the semester comes to an end, I have to say that this program has been a very exciting, adventurous, and educational experience for me, and I wish it could have been longer. The internship program taught me so many things I never knew before and gave me the experiences I never had previously. Compared to the old internship I had done before, this internship definitely takes the cake. It gave me first-hand experience on how a big company like SiriusXM operates and treated me as if I was an employee working with them rather than an intern that knew nothing.

I picked up many skills along the way as the internship progressed with the guidance of David and Sami. Both of them showed me the difficulties of the IT field, as well as how exciting it could be, seeing as how technology is always developing every year. They taught me how to think when certain situations arise, as well as how to take the initiative in my work in the case that they’re not around to help if I’m stuck. On a personal note, they also helped me to overcome my shyness, seeing as how my work involved talking to a lot of different people everyday, whether in person or through email.

I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity to do this internship program. Thank you Bonnie and SiriusXM for accepting me into the program!

Ciara, Talk Programming Intern – N.Y.C. Office


(written on 12/12/16)

 As a talk programming intern, I have been exposed to various diverse aspects of what it takes to produce and execute a radio show. I have spent the past thirteen weeks absorbing new information each week, and now having brought me to a point at the end where it is hard to say goodbye. Having worked so hard to balance school and my work at SiriusXM, the past three and a half months have allowed me to grow so much as a person and professional. Working early hours with Wake Up With Taylor was an experience that I had not originally knew how to approach, but I went in with an open heart and mind, willing to put in work, it has been nothing but rewarding.

 Aside from learning various audio editing skills that I was not exposed to in my school course work, I was able to bond with amazing peers and professionals to create bonds that I would trade nothing for. I have become part of a intelligent and loving community at SiriusXM and would recommend the experience to any interested and ambitious young professional. Leaving SiriusXM, now after a long semester, I look back and appreciate all the opportunities I was given and all the memories I made while I worked. It truly was an environment where work was more like having fun, and the work we put in made for impressive and authentic outcomes. I leave with a heavy heart, but with hopeful perspective that I will be back for more! I will never be able to quantify the valuable and enjoyable experience I have had at SiriusXM and will forever look back on it as a moving experience for me.


Katherine, Customer Retention Marketing Intern – N.Y.C. Office

(written on 11/30/16)

As the semester comes to an end I can’t help but look back at all I’ve learned at SiriusXM in such a short amount of time. Working in such a specialized area of marketing, Customer Retention Marketing, has helped me to learn so many specifics about this field that I would have never learned otherwise. Thanks to my mentor and the other members of the Customer Retention Marketing team I have also learned so much about the marketing field in general. Getting to talk to SiriusXM employees about their backgrounds before coming to SiriusXM and any advice they would have about working in the marketing field has been so beneficial. Over the past semester I have gained so much knowledge and have experienced so many unforgettable experiences thanks to this internship at SiriusXM.