Michael, Finance Intern – NYC Office

An internship with SiriusXM is truly a blessing for any student. The exposure I received to the workforce and the skills I’ve learned over the past few months made this internship unlike any of the others that I have done in the past. Being a finance and economics major in school comes with limited Microsoft Excel exposure. The opportunity to work alongside my mentors, whom are currently working the very positions I aspire to be in, not only enhanced my skills in the Excel program but also provided me insight to what my life consists of after graduation. Under their guidance, I learned many new skills that will assist me in my transition from a being a student to becoming a member of the working world. In addition to the hands-on experience, the internship also featured workshops that bestowed valuable information on interview and resume preparation skills. I have shared my experience with my family and friends in hopes that they take the initiative to apply for an internship at SiriusXM so that they can experience what I have over these past few months.

Christianne, Talk Programming (P.O.T.U.S) Intern – Washington, DC Studios

My experience at SiriusXM has been amazing, and I am definitely sad that it has to end today. The POTUS staff really made me feel at home and taught me a lot about the satellite radio industry. Charla has been an amazing supervisor, and had taught me everything I know from audio production and editing as well as how I can improve in broadcasting by recording newscast stories. The hosts are kind and amazing and inspire me to hopefully one day pursue what they are doing. It is from this internship, I developed a heart for politics, and have gained so much experience in meeting and talking to some very high profile people. Being at SiriusXM had made me feel more than just an intern, and more a part of their family.


Joseph, Music Programming Intern (Cousin Brucie) – NYC Studios

When looking back at my time at Sirius I can only think of two things, the incredible fun I had and the amount of experience I gained. Over the last 9 months (I did two internships) I have developed a sense of home here, with everyone welcoming me to the company. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff and my mentors. Both Colton and Brucie have gone above and beyond where I thought they’d go, teaching me so much about the industry and about where I want my career to go. Going into this internship I was unsure about my future and where I should go. After this internship I now know where I want to go in the industry and what I want to strive towards. They have both been the best mentors a person can have and I look forwards to keeping in contact with them as time goes on. This was a wonderful and incredibly educational time for me, learning more in the last 9 months that I have in years! I feel confident going forward that I can tackle any challenge because of the mentoring I was given, and hopefully my journey here isn’t over quiet yet.

Daniel, Automotive Dealer & Rental Marketing Intern – NYC Office

I have only been at this position for only a month, but I have already learned so much. When I was first starting out I was not sure of what to expect. From learning about the types of point of sale promotions and how they are used and distributed to strategizing our renegotiation efforts with our rental partners. All of which seems large and confusing, but with the help of my awesome mentor Kelly I was able to understand the work that the department did and begin contributing to it.

Matthew, Sports Programming (NFL) Intern – NYC Studios

Working at SiriusXM has been such a positive experience through the first few weeks. I like working with Louie and the other producers on the NFL channel and I’m learning a lot about the nuances of radio. I’m excited to see where this internship will go and what I’ll learn in the upcoming months.

Josh, Sports Programming (NFL) Intern – NYC Studios

Even though I have only spent four weeks as an Intern on SiriusXM’s NFL channel, I have already learned so much. My mentor Eddie has been extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond to teach me as much as possible from the moment I walked in the door. Eddie has done a great job of making sure I understand each aspect of a radio broadcast.

The most intimidating part of the internship has been running the soundboard. However, with Eddie’s guidance I have become more and more comfortable each time. I have also spent time creating promos using adobe audition and have had some experience in the newsroom. I have already learned so much in such a short time.

Perhaps the best part of the internship is how much each person loves their position and the non-stop sports conversations in the studio. Each day I learn something new and I am so thankful to have my internship at SiriusXM!

Ethan, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Studios

After four weeks working at SiriusXM Radio, I can truthfully say that this experience hasn’t been exactly what I thought it would be. And that’s a good thing.

When I read the job description and interviewed for the position, I thought I’d be doing tasks I’d already done before. I knew how to edit audio and run an audio board, so I assumed this would be a remedial job, more or less. Instead, it’s been a job where I’ve learned a ton and continue to learn more each day. It’s a very hands-on position, and each day, I become more comfortable running the equipment.

While all of the work is actually pretty fun — what’s better than getting paid to have fun? — by far, the best part of the job is the people. My mentor, Billy, is the best boss I’ve ever had. He’s funny, he’s smart, and he’s a great teacher. Even though I’m a complete novice, he treats me like I’m a professional. He always has a compliment ready, and at the same time, he’s not afraid to make fun of me. In short, he’s someone I’m proud to say is my boss and even prouder to say is my friend. He looks out for me, educates me and makes sure I’m having a good time. No one could blame him for taking advantage of the added worker he gets in me, but he never does that. He treats me with far more respect than I deserve, and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

While I’m unsure what the next few months will hold, I know one thing for sure: I’m bound to have a good time.

Sara, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Studios

Before starting my internship at SiriusXM, I had no idea what to expect. My experience in the sports world was primarily editorial and making the transition to radio seemed nerve-wracking. I have never been around a radio station or even used tools to cut audio before.

Only about a month into my internship, I can say that I feel proficient at using adobe audition to cut clips and edit audio. My mentor was truly helpful and worked with me to become confident using the various tools. Once I became familiar with the equipment, it became exciting.

Stepping into the studio everyday is awesome because you never know what to expect. One of the greatest things about sports is that breaking news has no limitations. We could be in the middle of the show and a headline will flash across the screen, which signals a new topic to be discussed or a debate. I often talk about these topics with my host and mentors off the air and it’s fun to be a part of these sports conversations, while editing the clips that will be used online.

I am enjoying the experience so far and I look forward to learning more about the radio business as I expand my skills in the sports world. I like the balance between being able to learn new things, but at the same time doing tasks yourself and contributing to the show.

I would recommend this internship to anyone, regardless of your experience in radio or not because everyone is more than willing to help you and the active approach makes it fun.


David, Intern – The Lord Sear Special Show – NYC Studios

Interning on the Lord Sear Special on Shade 45 this summer has been an excellent experience.  I love the environment at SiriusXM and every day is a new adventure. One of the highlights of my day is call screening, where I have screened callers from New York to California. We also receive callers from Canada as well. Every day we have guests, who have been great such as the cast of “All Eyez on Me”, Ice Cube, and David Banner. So far this has been the greatest summer of my life.

Taylor, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Studios

My experience thus far working at SiriusXM has been phenomenal. I have learned so much in just a few weeks and I’ve been trusted with real, impactful assignments. I’ve gotten to prepare interview questions for big names like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. I’ve gotten to run the boards for pre-recorded shows like Signal Boost and Woke AF. I feel as though I am an integral part of the control room during the Michelangelo Signorile show. I enter every work week excited for what’s ahead of me and ready for new experiences and challenges.