Ciara, Talk Programming Intern – N.Y.C. Office


(written on 12/12/16)

 As a talk programming intern, I have been exposed to various diverse aspects of what it takes to produce and execute a radio show. I have spent the past thirteen weeks absorbing new information each week, and now having brought me to a point at the end where it is hard to say goodbye. Having worked so hard to balance school and my work at SiriusXM, the past three and a half months have allowed me to grow so much as a person and professional. Working early hours with Wake Up With Taylor was an experience that I had not originally knew how to approach, but I went in with an open heart and mind, willing to put in work, it has been nothing but rewarding.

 Aside from learning various audio editing skills that I was not exposed to in my school course work, I was able to bond with amazing peers and professionals to create bonds that I would trade nothing for. I have become part of a intelligent and loving community at SiriusXM and would recommend the experience to any interested and ambitious young professional. Leaving SiriusXM, now after a long semester, I look back and appreciate all the opportunities I was given and all the memories I made while I worked. It truly was an environment where work was more like having fun, and the work we put in made for impressive and authentic outcomes. I leave with a heavy heart, but with hopeful perspective that I will be back for more! I will never be able to quantify the valuable and enjoyable experience I have had at SiriusXM and will forever look back on it as a moving experience for me.


Katherine, Customer Retention Marketing Intern – N.Y.C. Office

(written on 11/30/16)

As the semester comes to an end I can’t help but look back at all I’ve learned at SiriusXM in such a short amount of time. Working in such a specialized area of marketing, Customer Retention Marketing, has helped me to learn so many specifics about this field that I would have never learned otherwise. Thanks to my mentor and the other members of the Customer Retention Marketing team I have also learned so much about the marketing field in general. Getting to talk to SiriusXM employees about their backgrounds before coming to SiriusXM and any advice they would have about working in the marketing field has been so beneficial. Over the past semester I have gained so much knowledge and have experienced so many unforgettable experiences thanks to this internship at SiriusXM.

Lauren, Digital Marketing Intern – D.C. Office

(post written on 11/29/16)

It’s almost scary to think about how quickly this semester at SiriusXM has gone by! I only have 3 more work days before I have to say goodbye to all my co-workers and wrap up my internship here. Balancing being a full time student with working at SiriusXM has been a challenge, but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of. The constant fast-paced work environment at SiriusXM is one that I thrive in because of how stimulating the work is and how passionate all the employees are about their jobs. I can’t help but notice there are many employees that have been here for nearly 10 years or more just because of how much they enjoy their work.

Over the past month since my last blog post, I have worked extensively in Adobe Analytics. Lara, a senior analyst, has trained me in using this program to create different types of reports. She even began to train me on a more complicated extension of Adobe called Ad Hoc Analysis. This program allows people to make more in-depth, filtered reports on website data and map out customer journeys based on their clicks. This tool was actually extremely helpful when going through the exercise of customer mapping, to see how people navigate our website. Using Adobe Analytics, I was even able to help out the director of senior programming by creating a Traffic & Weather internal key word search report for his project!

Another very interesting program I have been briefed on is called Axure. After interviewing Zak who is Director of User Experience, I became very interested in learning the fundamentals of creating wireframes since it seemed to overlap a lot with design. This program essentially builds web pages without the back end code. This makes the entire process of redesigning the website a lot smoother. In order to further understand how to use it, I have been watching tutorials and looking at other employee’s past wireframe designs.  This has definitely sparked my interest and could be something that I further look into after my internship!

Recently, many of the tools that SiriusXM uses on a day to day basis for marketing purposes are at the end of their contract and we are in the process of either re-contracting or finding a new service. Some of the biggest assignments I have completed consist of competitor research for new social media publishing tools, Usability platforms, and Survey companies. This type of analysis has been interesting to see the wide array of companies that focus specifically on enhancing different aspects of digital marketing. It has allowed me to realize the extent to which “marketing” has become such an important and valued department in every business. There is a growing emphasis on making sure companies are marketing in the most efficient way possible in order to reach their target audiences.

The past 3 months here have been such a treat. I am so thankful for my time at SiriusXM, being able to learn the basics of many different web analysis tools and for meeting the amazing employees who have helped me develop my professional career goals. Everyone has been genuinely interested in helping me grow as an intern and show me their passions of why they come into work every day. Thanks for everything, SiriusXM!

Gabriella, Fall 2016 Talent Relations Intern

After working at SiriusXM for about a month now, I can definitely say that I’ve learned a lot!  Interning for the Talent Relations department has given me a really cool perspective on how things work in the entertainment industry.  I’ve worked with countless celebrities, as well as their managers and representatives, and seen everything that goes into getting them in the studio and on the air.  Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that this is actually a job that I’m getting paid to do!  In addition to the talent who comes in, I’ve met so many great people here at SiriusXM who I have the pleasure of working with and learning from.  My whole department is so welcoming and helpful, and I couldn’t have asked for better coworkers.  I also work with a lot of people from various other departments, who are all just as friendly and willing to help in any way that they can.  The overall environment at SiriusXM is really the perfect place to learn. Not only are the people so helpful and full of experience, but there’s also so much going on at all times.  I never know what’s going to happen when I come in each day, so every day I’m learning something new.  I think that’s my favorite part of this internship; just taking it day by day to discover who I’m going to meet and what I’m going to learn.  I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me here at SiriusXM!

Tori, Fall 2016 Brand Marketing Intern



As we come up on the half way point of the internship, I can proudly say that being a part of the branding team here at SiriusXM has been such a fun experience. I am grateful to be on a team of friendly people who have been so kind in making me feel welcomed and involved in the department, even though I’m only in twice a week. I’ve had a number of other internships to compare this to and this is surely my favorite to date. In fact, I’m already certain that I’d be more than happy to work with SiriusXM again!

Coming into this position, I wasn’t sure exactly what role branding would play within the organization, as it can differ from company to company. From what I’ve gathered so far, the brand team is a crucial component to ensuring that every piece of content (whether it be digital, print, video, on-air…) that is released by SiriusXM falls appropriately under the guidelines of the overall brand. So, every channel and every internal team will have their own projects and objectives, and Brand’s role is to tie all of the work back under a consistent SiriusXM tone, look, and feel. This can mean suggesting edits on and approving creatives, as well as managing the execution of these projects across multiple teams. I’ve been working on a few projects including a new channel launch (VOLUME 10/17!!), promotions for our upcoming Free Listening period (tune in 11/16-11/29!), and planning how we will make use of our ad space in publications like Billboard and EW. One very exciting moment was flipping through Billboard and seeing the ads that I previewed on my first day actually in print – so cool!

I’m really happy to be a part of this because I feel confirmed in knowing that brand marketing is a career path I want to continue on. For me, branding is the perfect mix of creativity, planning, and organization.  I’ve learned plenty from my other internships, but this is one that has been the most involved, which gives me the confidence of knowing I’d be satisfied with settling into a branding role (or one similar). My goal in interning has always primarily been to discover what I like, and more importantly what I don’t like, to avoid committing to a full-time role that I’m not happy with. This experience is definitely helping me accomplish that. I am Intern Happy 🙂



Lauren, Fall 2016 Digital Marketing Intern (D.C. Office)

The past month at SiriusXM has been a whirlwind, in the best of ways. Since my last blog post, I have done so many more projects and feel as if I have fully emerged into the work of my department with the help of my mentor, Julie. Interviewing all of the employees in Marketing is probably my favorite long-term assignment. It has allowed me to meet nearly everyone in the office and hear about their background before arriving at SiriusXM. This definitely has made my experience here so much more enjoyable since I now have friendly faces to say hi to. One of my co-workers even bought me a cookie at lunch the other day which definitely made me feel as if I was already a part of the team.

Since the A/B test launch of the new home page, I have been able to sit in on meetings and hear about how the performance is going. One employee recently taught me how to use the CMS system and update all the information on the website from this platform alone. She later asked me to do some auditing for the new website to make sure all the data was feeding into Maxymizer correctly so that we can accurately track our customers.

One upcoming assignment that I am really excited to complete is rebuilding the modules and templates that make up the new home page. Using the CMS system, I am going to create the same layout that appears on the website using trial and error. Through this process, I will then construct a user-friendly “how to” instructional guide so future employees will be able to update these web pages easily and quickly. It’s really cool to think that my work here will actually be used in the future as well!

It’s crazy to think that my half-way point in the semester is coming up soon since it feels as if I just arrived last week. I look forward to continuing to learn from different employees how to use helpful tools like Adobe Analytics which I’m sure I will use in my future careers.  So far SiriusXM’s internship program has already taught me so much and given me invaluable job experience that I couldn’t have gotten from the classroom alone.

Brendan, Fall 2016 Talk Programming Intern – Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

It feels like I’ve been working here at SiriusXM for so much longer than three weeks, as I’ve learned so much and experienced so many new things since starting my internship at Stand Up! with Pete Dominick. Just being able to walk into the studio every single day of the week is an experience in and of itself- it’s amazing to work in a building that is easily recognized all over the world. Additionally, as an aspiring media professional, I can’t get over the fact that I get to intern for such a distinguished and widely-known company like SiriusXM.

In terms of the show itself, I’m really enjoying learning new skills such as call screening, running the programming board, and even occasionally adding my own knowledge of politics to the show. The host and producer spends a lot of time focusing on current political news and events, which I’m thrilled to learn about each day (as a political science major). The show also has tons of very interesting guests, which have included people such as Lupita Nyong’o, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Maureen Dowd just in the time since I’ve started working on the show. Listening to Pete and such esteemed guests discuss the current issues that face America is something I look forward to every single day- not to mention the fact that it’s so exciting to get to meet these amazing people in person!

All in all, it’s been a pleasure to work with so many talented and thoughtful people over the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to learn and experience more over the next two months!

Michelle, Fall 2016 Ad Sales Intern


I have been at SiriusXM for almost a month now and my experience has been nothing but phenomenal thus far! Since my first day here everyone was welcoming and got me right up to speed with what was going on in our department. By my second week here I was able to sit in team meetings and give my insight on various projects that my mentors were working on. It is a great experience to be able to have my voice heard and just being able to feel like my input is being useful. I love that my role here does not limit me to just administrative work, but requires me to tap into my creative side and utilize my peers to create something that will go nation-wide. Currently, my mentor has me working on writing a few spot promos that will actually go on air! I thoroughly cannot wait to see what the next few weeks have left for me, but I am definitely continuing to absorb as much information and knowledge while I am here!

John, Fall 2016 Music Programming Intern

I was never more thrilled than when i got the call from SiriusXM that I was selected as a Fall intern. To work in NYC, the number one broadcasting market in the world, has been a dream for a very long time. Throw into that dream working for the biggest Radio station in the world, and you have the makings of a very happy me. I was as nervous as anyone could be on the first day. I was not accustomed to traveling into the city so everything on that first day was completely new. Upon arrival we (the interns) were greeted by the helpful and friendly security. Upon reaching the proper floor of the building, we all could see on each others faces how excited, thrilled , and apprehensive we were (the glow of the SiriusXM sign behind us listing off the names of the days guests and talents, added just a bit more weight to those emotions). After a short while we were shown to a board room where we introduced ourselves and were given an insight into what was expected of us and how things would work. Speaking for myself, this is where i settled down and felt wonderfully lucky to work for such an awesome company. Since that first day they have kept us busy and it feels like we learn something new at least 10 times in a single days worth of work. The only coffee I have gotten is my own and everyone has been courteous, patient, and kind. I look forward to the months ahead, and maybe if I am very lucky and with lots of hard work, beyond that. SiriusXM is no place you would ever want to leave once you have stepped foot inside.

Jasper, Fall 2016 Sports Programming Intern

When I first learned I was going to be interning at Sirius XM, I was incredibly excited and honored to have received such an opportunity. Three weeks into my internship, that excitement has only increased. Working with athletes like Brady Quinn, Maurice Jones-Drew and Brett Favre, who I so distinctly remember watching on television while I was growing up is truly a thrilling and almost surreal experience. But even more importantly, the people I work with are incredibly friendly, respectful and truly interested in helping me learn and grow as an intern.

When I first interviewed for this internship, I was told that SiriusXM interns are there to learn, not to fetch coffee and stand by a printer. I’ve found this to be overwhelmingly true. When I come in, I always feel like I’m being treated as a part of the team, and not a burden. Everyone, from my mentor, to the hosts of the programs and other SiriusXM employees are welcoming and inclusive. I love coming in to work, and I look forward to learning more and honing my skills over the next eleven weeks.