Lilit, Talk Programming Intern — Los Angeles Office

For as long as I can remember, I spent years binge-watching SiriusXM videos on Youtube. The excitement of sitting in front of a computer screen and seeing at my favorite artists get interviewed or play an acoustic version of their current single with a backdrop that read “SiriusXM” behind them, is one of my earliest memories of what triggered my love for this industry. I never would have imagined that there would come a time where I’d be walking past that exact step and repeat a dozen times a day and get to call SiriusXM my home for a few months.

It’s hard to imagine just how much work goes into running a single segment, on a single show, from a single channel. During my time here, I had the privilege of seeing how a handful of shows come to life. And what more? I had the opportunity to help create content for the shows, take part in some of the on-air conversations, and talk to SiriusXM listeners. I’ve also been able to learn how to edit audio and familiarize myself with some of the programming used at our office for both on-air and on-demand purposes. I started here without knowing a single thing about audio editing, and now I’m leaving here feeling like I can confidently add that skill to my resume!

The staff at SiriusXM is without a doubt the best part of this internship. Every single person in our office treated me as a fellow colleague, rather than an intern and they were always willing to hear my ideas and help me with anything I wasn’t too sure about. From the guard that greeted me every single morning, to the very last person to say goodbye to me when I left here late on Friday nights, this whole office made me feel welcomed and I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to learn in and grow.

So much of what I do in the future will be traced back to the notes I vigorously wrote down during my first few weeks here. It really is the most incredible opportunity for someone working their way in the industry, as well as the most rewarding.

Thank you to everyone at the LA office for making me feel so at home. I look forward to continuing with SiriusXM in the upcoming year and excelling in yet another equally thrilling department at our station!

Rahul, Advanced Analytics Intern – DC Office

I am working as an Advanced Analytics Intern for about 11 weeks now. Being a music lover and a guitarist myself I knew SiriusXM was the right fit for the things I am most passionate about; Music and Data Science. To be honest, before coming here I did not have lot of expectations in terms of work because lot of my peers at grad school did not get good work as Interns at multinational firms. But let me tell you, interning at SiriusXM has been the best experience I have had in my academic career in every way.

An important thing about having a great experience as an Intern is having a great mentor. My mentor was open minded, friendly, knowledgeable, sophisticated and strategic in her work. The projects she involved me in were crucial and exciting to work on. She also guided me in the analyses. In general, everybody at SiriusXM is very kind, friendly and helpful making a productive work environment. My internship program was not only exciting in terms of work, it was also educational in nature because I got to learn a lot of things about how things work in Data Science in a business setting contrary to how we are directed to think when in academics. For anyone who likes to do real and challenging stuff in Data Science, I suggest to work hard to get into the internship program here, it is totally worth it!!

Shawn, Content Marketing Intern- NYC Office

SiriusXM is such a fantastic place to intern that I couldn’t stay away!  After interning with the Ad/Sales Marketing department in the spring, I decided to return to SiriusXM for the fall, this time interning with the Content Marketing team.  Here, I learned the processes of marketing a wealth of content targeted at all walks of life through various methods, such as partnership marketing, newsletter marketing, and much more.

Working with the small Content Marketing team and other major players in the various marketing teams on the floor was an extremely fulfilling time and great learning experience.  Every piece of work I did, from research about places and opportunities to push our content, to preparing presentations and spreadsheets that are shown to and used by managers to guide decision making, felt substantial and useful to my personal development and to the company itself in some way.  Beyond the work, the people in this department are just fantastic.  Everyone on the team is a person that I plan to keep in touch with and would be happy to run into at an event somewhere. I’m eternally grateful to them for all of the help and support they gave me over the course of the semester.

Before SiriusXM, I had no idea what office work would be like.  I had only prior worked out of a home office, so my only exposure to a typical office was through TV and film.  Through my time here, I learned just what a fast paced, challenging, yet vibrant and fun environment SiriusXM is. Safe to say, SXM has set a high bar in my mind for the future! Work is plenty, balancing is necessary, but meetings are full of creative ideas, famous people may be closer to your reach than anywhere else, and the work experience is useful and looks phenomenal on a resume.

My advice: Shoot your shot and apply to SiriusXM!  Interviews may cause your nerves to flare up, but that’s just a small bump on the road compared to the wealth of great experiences that lie beyond the doors of the building.  Be ready to work hard and branch out into programs and styles of work that are new to you. SiriusXM is a workplace where anything can (and will) happen, and that’s what makes it so worthwhile.

Plus, free pretzel rods!  Can’t beat that!!!

Erin, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Office

Getting up at 5 a.m. almost every day of the week isn’t easy as a college kid. Commuting on NJ Transit isn’t ideal either. However, when you love what you do, it makes small things entirely worth it.

This past fall semester I had the opportunity to intern with Sirius XM’s NBA Radio. I worked with “NBA Today” with Justin and Eddie from 4-7 p.m. on Mondays but spent the majority of my time on “The Starting Lineup” with Frank and Brian . Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning I would wake up at 5 a.m., catch a train, hit the subway, and get to 1221 Avenue of America by 7 a.m. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though.

Frank and Scal along with my producers made this internship the greatest experience I could have asked for. I still remember the first day I was there and Frank quizzed me on Seton Hall basketball trivia (that’s where I go to school). Since that first day, I knew that I was going to love this internship; and I have.

I’ve learned a large amount of production work, the main thing that’s benefited me has been learning more about the NBA. I came into this internship with the NBA ranking fifth on my favorite sports list. Now, it’s in the top three. Before this internship, I could hardly name any basketball players; now I could probably give you at least one on all 30 teams. Being surrounded by basketball at Sirius but also at Seton Hall, helped develop me professionally. It’s helped me as an analyst on my own sports talk show back at school, but it’s also helped me as an analyst and as a play-by-play announcer. There is nothing cooler than having Frank and Brian give you advice on how to be a better broadcaster.

I came into college wanting to do television, but that was until I found my school’s radio station. I always wanted to do something in sports, so I decided I want to go into sports radio but then took a switch and focused on public relations. However, after that first day at Sirius and every time I go back, I know that I want to go into sports radio.

Sirius has truly felt like home over the past 10 weeks, and that all thanks to Frank, Scal, and my producers Billy and Victoria. They all made getting up at 5 a.m. as a college student worth every penny.

Dillon, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Office

There’s this truly validating, indescribable feeling that you get when you’re able to directly contribute to a project that you really care about – when you get to utilize your prior knowledge, while also learning, sometimes failing, and ultimately growing as person & media professional. That “feeling” is one I experienced every single day on-site at SiriusXM this past summer. Working with a team of talented, like-minded individuals proved things to me that I had never imagined I could visualize in only 10 weeks, and I am honored to share my experience with you now!

When I arrived at 1221’s 36th floor in June I brought along with me a desire to learn, and an open mind, and a positive attitude. I knew that this would be a place where I could help to make something fantastic and, honestly, that couldn’t have proved to be any truer. From my very first day, Volume’s light hearted, enthusiastic team had my education parallel the importance of their programming. Every task that I was assigned was purposeful – from picking up calls during rock radio legend Eddie Trunk’s “Trunk Nation,” to mining interviews for interesting soundbites, to operating boards during a live program, I was constantly busy and presented with new challenges daily. Along the way, it was always made a point to show me anything there was to know about creating music-talk shows across all dayparts, as well as what it took to get them on-air outside the studio. Working with professional-grade automation systems, audio editing software, and broadcast equipment came with a learning curve of course, but all of the work that I produced while using them was meaningful, appreciated, and actually put to use.

Meeting and talking to rock legends was an added perk too – getting to snap a picture with Graham Nash isn’t something that everyone gets to do after all. Networking with guests and co-workers alike was essential as well. But what I appreciated most about interning with SiriusXM was the wealth of genuinely unique, useful experiences I was blessed with. I wanted to learn everything that I possibly could in only 2 months, and I can confidently say that I’ve done just that. I’ve had the chance to supplement content that I, as a fan, would love listening to – and that’s pretty spectacular.

I will truly miss greeting regular callers with “Trunk Nation! Can I get your name and where you’re calling from?” I’ll miss editing audio that eventually finds its place on air (and the advice I was given while doing so). And most importantly, I’ll miss the dedicated producers and hosts that I have had the honor to get to know and learn from. Ed, Alex, Matt, Evan, Kerry, Raven, and everybody else, thank you so much for everything! It’s been absolutely amazing to be part of the Volume team, and am inconceivably more prepared for a career in the radio/audio entertainment industries because of my time at SiriusXM.

Jane, Automatic Marketing Intern – NYC Office

As my summer internship wraps up, I cannot thank SiriusXM enough for this amazing opportunity where I expanded my skill set and portfolio. In such a short amount of time, I was able to learn about SiriusXM and their new partnership with Automatic. One of my favorite parts at the internship was helping out with the branding of Automatic and creating messaging for the dealers and consumers using different platforms and mediums.

SiriusXM is not your typical nine to five office job, with the work environment being fast-paced where passionate workers thrive, with creative ideas and innovative thinking. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to experience such inspiring employees, who love what they do.

An immense thank you to my mentor, Terry McGinty and the Automatic Team. They were essential in helping me achieve my goals, giving me guidance and valuable advice along the way. I picked up many skills as the internship progressed, with the Automatic Team giving me the freedom to truly dive in with the projects they were working on.

I can’t help but feel sad as I have to say goodbye to the team soon and the other interns. This summer has been one to remember and I will be forever grateful for this summer internship experience and the connections I have made.

Andrew, Music Programming Intern – NYC Office

This summer I had the chance to intern with Sway In tH Morning on Shade 45. It has been an amazing experience just being a part of the crew and learning in the process as well. Since high school I’ve been a fan of the show and to be able to work on it and be there for special moments and moments will go down in history. I followed Sway starting with the cyphers and freestyles and just being an important figure in hip hop along with Heather B. Not only have they helped many talented artists get recognition in hip hop and beyond, but the also helped me and taught me a lot during this whole process.

I was nervous the first couple of days but soon got acclimated and understood what I needed to do everything was fine from then on. Everyone not he team is nice and available as well to talk to with any questions or concerns. I felt more than just an intern to be honest and they even said I was an assistant, when you’re on the show you’re one of the crew and you get to help out in more ways than one. Meeting celebrities was cool but hanging out with the team was honestly the best part of the day. No matter who it was Sway, Heather, Tracy, DB, OQ. DJ Wonder, Kelly Kinkaid, Mike Muse, or Rich Nice all treated me with respect and always gave me the confidence to do what I had to do.

While interning I learned how to use some of the software used in shows, how segments are made and presented, how to interact with guests and callers and more. Everyday there were new guests and new topics that were being brought up and it was never boring. I learned how the videos get up on youtube, the way zetta and ingest wizard operate. I can truly say that this was an amazing experience and enjoyed every single minute of it and am sad to leave but happy that I learned so much in the process and was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Siyi, Advanced Analytics Intern – NYC Office

I had a fruitful summer interning in SiriusXM NYC office. Before doing this internship, my goal was to get some hands-on experience as a data scientist to figure out whether I wanted to pursue it as a career. After a summer, I learned so much more than what I expected. I adjusted my perception of what a data scientist’s typical day looks like, I had some new projects to put on my resume, I learned different philosophies in data analysis, I made some good friends, and I found some potential career paths that I am interested in.

I really appreciate SiriusXM offering this internship opportunity that supplements me with knowledge that I couldn’t learn from school. It is the most valuable summer I had!

Tess, Digital Content Intern – NYC Office

Wow! After 10 weeks interning for SiriusXM, I am still speechless. SiriusXM went out of their way to ensure I had a successful internship.

As a Digital Content Intern, I truly got a taste of multiple sides of the business. Coming into this internship as a telecommunications major, I knew I wanted to edit video content, but I never imagined I would get to do some of the other tasks I was privileged enough to perform. I helped with daily shoots, which ranged from Town Hall events and radio interviews, to live studio sessions with major artists. My days were filled with creating, editing, and learning — all skills that I will cherish and bring with me in my future career.

My superiors and every individual I worked with in my department were the most welcoming, kind and helping people I have ever been surrounded by. I knew they were looking out for me and were happy to help answer any question that I had. They took the time to teach and get to know me on an individual basis, which is critical when in an unfamiliar environment. This is a fast-paced department and I was given responsibilities as if I were an employee, not an intern. I appreciate everything they did to help me grow this summer, and I plan on keeping in touch once the summer ends.

I thought being around actors and musicians every day was going to be the best part of my summer, but I have to say that the people I worked with and the lessons I learned were the greatest part of this internship. I cannot thank SiriusXM and the Digital Team enough for the perfect summer!

Asher, Business Intelligence IT Intern – NYC Office

Working as an intern at SiriusXM has indeed been a rewarding experience.  I remember my first day at work. We had an orientation by the HR team and then redirected to our mentors. My mentor welcomed me and directed me to my desk. My mentor made  sure I got all the required accesses and information. I was made aware of the BI architecture team structure by my mentor and I was introduced to the team. Everyone in the team was welcoming and friendly. Over the period of time , I got the opportunity to connect with many of the members from my team and know their experience at SiriusXM.

I got the privilege to work on real projects right from the second week. I was given the chance to take initiatives and lead a task whenever possible. I am  thankful to my mentor and all other team members to take time from their busy schedule to answer all my queries.

We also had team lunches and outings occasionally. The Snack and Learn information sessions did help in getting to know the company outside my team. I got to experience the corporate culture and enhance my classroom learning by putting it into practice in real world projects here at SiriusXM.

I would surely recommend an internship to everyone and I myself look forward to come back to SiriusXM some day.