CeCe, Legal Intern – NYC Office

Time has certainly moved quickly as I cannot believe I am wrapping up my fourth week at SiriusXM. I like to think my experience as a Legal Intern is unique because this is actually my second time interning with the company (I interned with the Talent Relations Department back in 2014). My experience so far is twofold. First, it’s incredibly unique to see how the company works and functions via a legal perspective versus a talent lens. Seeing the way the creative and corporate sides of the company intersect has really inspired possible career paths and allowed me to realize personal strengths and goals. Second, I am able to apply what I’ve learned in the law school classroom to real contracts, litigation strategies, and employee relationships. I can’t wait to see what else I learn in the coming weeks!


Cameron, Sports Programming Intern (NFL) – NYC Studios

It’s been nearly a month since beginning my internship at SiriusXM headquarters in New York City. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect first coming in to the gig. All I knew was that a great opportunity to work for one of the most highly touted media companies was there for me. Immediately after day one, I realized that it would be enjoyable showing up to work each and every day. It’s the people who fill the rooms that make the SiriusXM internship experience unforgettable. Each person I’ve met thus far  has been super nice and professional, which speaks volumes in regards to the standard the company holds for itself. It’s nice to show up at work and be surrounded by others who genuinely love their job.

My aspirations have always been to work in the field of sports broadcasting. There hasn’t really ever been anything that I’ve wanted to do. So, I’m living the dream working at SiriusXM. The channel I work with – SiriusXM NFL radio – features some of the best talent in the game. Tom  and Erik are two outstanding, professional individuals that truly embody the meaning of success within the field of sports broadcasting. Each day I am presented with a new challenge from them that helps me develop as a more well-rounded broadcaster.

The SiriusXM Blitz is the show, Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn are the hosts, and everyone involved with the program has been wonderful to work with thus far.  My role isn’t huge as an intern, but is still very important.

My role isn’t huge as an intern, but is still very important. On my second day, I helped stir the pot in the discussion by presenting Tom with a TMZ tweet on Michael Floyd that really carried the weight for the remainder of the show. Staying alert, present and engaging really played a huge part in receiving a positive response within the internship experience. Kind of cool to play a part even if it was small. My goal for the upcoming month is to master the soundboard through reps, reps, and more reps.

Finally, it has been a surreal experience interacting with media icons such as Ice Cube, Bruce Murray, and Shawne Merriman. An opportunity meet someone of high social importance doesn’t come too often for a kid from Alabama. But, I didn’t come up here to be star-struck, but to learn how to effectively interact with people of celebrity status. Maybe one day my on-air ability will carry me to the national level and I will have the chance to host celebrities. That’s if I’m lucky. My point is that I’d be able to look back, point to my time at SiriusXM, and say, “Ok, there is where the ball truly started rolling for me.”

Sara, Marketing Intern – NYC Office

It’s a month in and I’m loving my internship at the SiriusXM office in New York. The OEM conversion marketing team is full of creative, friendly, and talented people who have welcomed me to the company with everything from offers to help me learn software to suggestions of cool things to do in the city.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to pitch a redesign of an email that about 10,000 people per week will see. After spending the last two weeks researching industry best practices and analyzing data to back up my suggestions, seeing professionals react to my work was scary but exciting—and of course, my lovely mentor Payal helped answer the questions that went beyond the scope of my involvement with the project. I got a lot of great feedback and I know that the insights I’ve gained from this experience will help me so much with the rest of the work I will do here and beyond!


Trevor, Intern for Sway in the Morning

My first couple of weeks interning with the Sway In The Morning team and SiriusXM have been absolutely crazy! I’ve learned so much already and feel prepared to take on even more. Aside from the production skills, I’ve learned a lot just by having conversations with the team. Having Heather B. and DB share their stories about how they went about getting into this industry is something I’ll cherish forever. I’ve gotten the opportunity to listen to artists share personal stories no one has ever heard before, which is unbelievable. Every morning I wake up and still can’t believe who I’m interning for. Thousands of people would kill to be in my position, words can’t describe how thankful I am to receive an opportunity of this magnitude. I’m excited to see how I develop over the next few weeks.

Naureen, Information Technology Intern – New York City

It’s completely crazy to me that there is only two weeks left of my internship at SiriusXM. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in the conference room with all the other interns during orientation, completely unaware of what to expect from it. Time really flew by and it makes me sad that I’ll have to say goodbye to this soon. I’ve been working as the IT Intern over at the 5 Penn Plaza location and it’s been really fun! I’ve learned so much while working here, and that’s how I would describe this whole internship as – a learning experience. My mentor, David, has taught me the ins and outs of what him and his team do. He has allowed me to learn at my own pace, make mistakes, and always has full confidence that I’ll get the hang of the different tasks he assigns me. My other co-worker, Sami, has taken me under his wing and helps me out a lot when I struggle with something or need assistance. Aside from them, everyone else has also been super welcoming and friendly. Overall, this internship has taught me a lot. I love SiriusXM and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. Hopefully, in the future, I can come back!

Juan, Intern at the Cousin Brucie Show – New York City


Once I knew I was returning to intern at SiriusXM for a second session, I felt that I knew what to expect. However, after my first day I knew that I needed much more to learn. Joining the Cousin Brucie team has allowed me to learn a style of broadcasting that’s unique, but can be used everywhere. Cousin Brucie’s style keeps you on your toes, because at any moment he will go live and change up the schedule. From working the audio board and creating show logs on Prophet to learning the beginning stages of Zetta, I’ve gotten a well-rounded experience on in studio programming. Since my first day, Cousin Brucie treated me as a producer and always gave me words of encouragement and constructive criticism on my work. The team around him also provided me with helpful advice in challenging my ears and showing me shortcuts in editing.

My first go around here, I joined a show where I wasn’t familiar with the genre. Doing this a second time I feel that I am able to adapt to any environment.  After countless critiques and long days working on editing, I can firmly say that I am confident in my board operating skills and at the same time learned more about a genre I was not familiar with at all.

Samuel, Sports Programming Intern – New York City

My time here at SiriusXM as an intern has been pleasant. I have previous experience in the field from my past internships, but nothing like this one. Before coming in, I had very little experience dealing with radio. But with the help of my mentors Tom and Erik, my knowledge in the field has expanded greatly.

I have been working under the NFL network department since the end of January. The hands on experience has been great and I have been able to work the sound board on a consistent basis. I had never worked a sound board before, but now I feel like I am a pro at it.  I have also increased my knowledge in editing software like Adobe Audition and profit. I have seen first hand what it takes to produce a successful show. I also get time in the newsroom as well to help cut up clips that can be used for any show at any time.

I am very happy with the experience that I am obtaining here at Sirius XM. I would definitely recommend this internship.

Ellie, Music Programming Intern – Washington, D.C. Studio


My internship at SiriusXM’s Classical Channel has been a wonderful experience thus far. By the first day of work, I had outlined a series of goals with my fantastic mentor, David. David’s long and fruitful career within the classical music industry has made him the perfect mentor, as his passion only motivates me to achieve my own goals. These goals have included how to interview for future jobs and networking, music programming, and learning the ins and outs of different computer tools used in the business. I hope that by the end of my internship, I might have the opportunity to program a music segment that will air on the radio. This opportunity is not your typical nine to five office job, and I think that the end product speaks for that fact.


Shannon, Talk Programming Intern – Washington, D.C. Studio

This past week, I received my first real media badge while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference  (CPAC) at the National Harbor as an intern for the P.O.T.U.S. channel. CPAC is a four day conference for the GOP that is meant to be a time to carve out a message for the party while also hearing from some of the GOP’s top members. Notable speakers at this year’s CPAC included President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Steve Bannon, and Reince Priebus. While at first glance CPAC may appear to be just a huge pep rally for the GOP, it actually serves an incredibly important purpose in allowing Republicans from all over the country to congregate and define what their party stands for. The biggest lesson I learned from this experience is that on-location broadcast does not always go as planned. On one of the days of CPAC, all media was forced to leave the building while they did a security sweep before Pence could enter the building. This meant our usual host at this time was not be able to broadcast for an hour, so one of our other staff members that is not usually on the air had to jump on the mic back at the studio. Experiencing CPAC as an intern allowed me to have a glance into what it’s like when shows here at SiriusXM broadcast from important political events.

Julia, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Studio


Interning with Jenny McCarthy at SiriusXM has taught me a lot about my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I initially wanted to work on a music show with Sirius, but agreed to work in talk programming when the music position was filled and no longer available. Although hesitant prior to the beginning of my internship, I quickly adjusted to the talk radio atmosphere and can see myself continuing along this path in the future. I love talk radio’s fast-paced environment and the cheeky style of Jenny’s show. I have noticed that while everyone working on the show likes to have fun, they take their jobs very seriously. The show takes on a sarcastic tone that is hard to abandon off the air, but everyone who works on the show does an amazing job of balancing humor with hard work. My multi-tasking abilities were put to the test this week when two of the four people working on the show were out sick. I had to perform my regular intern duties while also filling in for one of the show’s producers. This gave me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and show my capabilities to my mentors. I would like to continue taking on difficult and demanding tasks for the show. The show’s producers asked me to compile a list of potential guests for the show (an assignment I thoroughly enjoyed and it felt great to know my thoughts and ideas were valued). This is something I hope to do more of throughout my internship. Once I sent the list in, the producers told me how impressed they were. I plan to keep a running list of potential guests to send to them weekly. Additionally, I look forward to other radio production tasks such as audio editing in order to expand my radio repertoire.