Matt, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Office

During the 2018 summer, I had the privilege of interning for SiriusXM’s Progress 127 channel under the talk-programming internship program. Under this internship, I was assigned to intern for four different shows within the Progress 127 channel. All four shows broadcasted out of the same the studio in SiriusXM’s 1221 office.

Leading up to the internship I was beyond excited to start this journey. I was excited to see how a real radio station operates in comparison to how my college’s radio station, that I work for, operates. Though, I was also a bit nervous about what lay ahead. Firstly, this was my first internship in my radio career. I also did not have all the details of what the internship at SiriusXM, which is a huge corporation that plays a large part in the lives of its millions of subscribers, would exactly entail.

The first few days were a bit intimidating as I was trying to find my way around the 1221 office, tried to recall the names of the different individual’s that I was going to be working with, and tried to get used to the pace of the Progress 127 channel. Lastly on top of all of that, I was also trying to get used to the goals that each of the different producers, that I worked with for each of the four shows, envisioned for me. Though, I was doing a lot of the same work for each show, each show that I worked on navigated doing the same tasks through a bit of a different lens.

As time went on, I got more comfortable working with the Progress 127 team and also felt more confident walking around 1221’s office. I also found myself taking on more initiatives once I felt that my mentor was able to trust me with the various tasks that were being thrown my way.

This internship truly gave me a wide variety of experiences due to the fact that I was assigned tasks ranging from pre-production to post-production work. Some of the pre-show work included: looking up information regarding the different interviewees and putting interview questions together for the hosts to ask their guests, recording audio clips for the upcoming shows, putting a clip sheet together, creating show cut sheets with a rundown of times for commercial breaks and interviews for the upcoming shows.

During the live-shows I did quite a bit as well. Some of this work including: setting up the studio prior to the start of the shows, greeting in-studio guests and bringing them into the studio, screening calls that came in during the duration of the live shows, operating the board, calling guests on the phone and getting them ready to be interviewed on air, logging shows by keeping a record of the topics/guests that were being discussed/interviewed respectively on the shows and tweeting out on our station’s twitter page.

The work did not end there. There were tasks that still had to be completed after each show. These post-production responsibilities included: saving on-air recorded shows in each show’s respective daily folder, creating audiograms, moving files to Profit in order for pre-recorded interviews to be played on their own during live shows, and editing audio from recorded shows with Adobe Audition. Being able to see how a SiriusXM radio show is run from start to finish was one of the biggest rewards of this internship. I gained a new appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into every aspect of every single show that gets aired.

Throughout the semester, there were Snack and Learns as well. The “Snack and Learn” series were short sessions that were intended to advance the interns’ knowledge of the SiriusXM workplace. It was nice to have different speakers at these events; they all gave my food for thought. These sessions were also a nice way of regrouping with the other interns who I did not always have the chance to run into on a constant basis since everyone had different schedules working within different sectors within the overall SiriusXM company.

Looking back there were definitely ups and downs throughout my time at SiriusXM.  I was challenged to be my best and was pushed out of my comfort zone. I have also become more politically active than before working on the Progress 127 channel. Though as an overall, I loved this internship experience and will cherish this experience for the rest of my career. When I applied for this position, there was one sentence in the description that stuck out to me. This line said something like: “interns do more than just get coffee”. Initially, I did not know whether or not to believe this line. Though, after completing this internship I can confirm that line is very true. Interns do truly do more than just coffee. This internship taught me valuable skills that I will take with me during my future endeavors and helped me develop skills that will stay with me for the rest of my radio career. I hope to even bring back some of the skill that I learned at this internship to the radio station that I am a part of at my college.

I plan to stay in touch with my mentor and those individuals that made a lasting impression on me throughout my time this summer. Thank you to my mentor as well as all of the individuals at SiriusXM for guiding me this summer, giving me lots of advice and making this a “sirius-ly” life-changing experience.

Daniella – Country Music Programming (The Highway) Intern – Nashville Office

As my time in Nashville winds down, it’s still so surreal that I got the chance to intern in the SiriusXM offices this summer. Making the move to Nashville was a little bit daunting at first, but it has been the most rewarding experience. In these past ten weeks, I’ve learned so much from this internship and every single person I’ve met here.

Being a longtime listener of SiriusXM, and especially The Highway, working here was something I always dreamt of. On top of that, being a huge country music fan, it’s unbelievable that I got to work in this environment. From spending Wednesday mornings hanging out with Storme, MC, and Tommy on the Storme Warren morning show, to enjoying Fridays with Producer Josh and Buzz Brainard for the Music Row Happy Hour show at Margaritaville, every day at this internship has been so exciting.

This summer I’ve learned so much about radio and how this company works. I’ve sat in on interviews with everyone from new artists to big stars, gained experience prepping shows, researched to write on-air scripts, and interacted with tons of SiriusXM subscribers in-person and on social media. It’s been so cool to watch all the on-air personalities conduct their shows and to just be a part of everything that happens behind the scenes to make The Highway (Ch. 56) as great as it is.

A big thank you to the whole Nashville team—they have all made me feel so welcomed here from Day 1 and I’m super grateful I got to join them for a bit. Especially, a big thank you to Emily, my mentor, who has been such a great role model to me! This is one internship experience I will miss tremendously and remember forever. Thanks for this opportunity, SiriusXM!

John, Folk Music Programming Intern – DC Office

I have been listening to SiriusXM for most of my life, and have been interested in working in auditory media for some time. So when I received the offer to intern for the company back in March, I knew I had landed my dream internship. Still, that didn’t stop me from having a few points of nervousness. For one, it would be my first big job after declaring a major in multimedia journalism a little over a year ago. Additionally, it would mean having to make a major adjustment to living and working in a busy, urban environment; both my college and my hometown are surrounded by farmland on all sides.

From the first moments of my new intern orientation on June 6, I knew that I was right where I was supposed to be. I saw that the people at SiriusXM are, above all else, passionate about bringing great music, news, sports reporting and other media to the people with a personal touch; my supervisor, Mary Sue, is the quintessence of such fervor. From my first day, Mary Sue dedicated herself to teaching me the artful balance of creating a quality product that meets listeners’ needs and wants, all while making one’s love for great music evident in one’s efforts and maintaining a sense of professionalism. These aspects of my training would come to inform my work in editing artist interviews, creating audio-visual presentations for social media, and interacting with artists one-on-one as they visited the DC office.

Meanwhile, the rest of the full-time music programming staff instantly made me feel right at home as a coworker, often asking about my work with the company as well as my personal interests and passions. A great example of the SiriusXM staff’s dedication to my having a formative, well-rounded internship experience was when I asked Sean, another supervisor of mine, if he could help me set up an appointment with the producers of the P.O.T.U.S. political talk channel. He was more than happy to accommodate my request, and everyone I met at the channel was very attentive in teaching me as much as they could in the hour that I spent with them.

My two months as a music programming intern at SiriusXM exceeded my expectations in how they shaped and grew me, and I would recommend the experience to anyone looking to pursue a career in auditory media production. From navigating complex computer programs and trimming voice recordings to meeting incredible musicians like John Oates (yes, you read that correctly), everything task I accomplished refined my skills as a media professional and was wholly satisfying, as it felt wonderful to know that the work I was directly impacting both the channels I worked with and their audiences. Thank you to everyone who made this unforgettable summer possible.

Jaimie, Talk Programming Intern, ‘Tell Me Everything’ with John Fugelsang – NYC Office

My experience as an intern at Sirius XM has been amazing. On my first day, I couldn’t contain the adrenaline rush I felt when I first walked into the building at 1221 – Avenue of the Americas. For the past 10 weeks, I have had the privilege of working with incredible people and gained invaluable experience.

When I was assigned to ‘Tell Me Everything’ with John Fugelsang, I didn’t know what to expect. The talk show programming exposed me to wonderful on air conversations with various guests. The conversations dealt with politics, media, religion and pop culture. The environment expanded my knowledge beyond my expectations. In addition, my internship experience included research for specific on air segments, operating a sound board, creating content from scratch, ‘man on the street’ interviews and audio editing.

Along this journey, I always felt my contributions were valued. Thank you Xorje for guiding me with the tools and experience to move forward successfully and to Tatiana and John for all your support. Thank you SiriusXM for this great opportunity as I take one step further in my professional journey.

Leonora, Talk Programming Intern, UrbanView – NYC Office

I have worked in the realms of the entertainment industry for over 5 years. About 3 years ago, I was invited to Sirius radio to aid with social media content during a live show. Before I left, I said to myself, I must work here. Interning for SiriusXM has more than confirmed my thoughts from my initial impression. I interned for the Karen Hunter Show/ SiriusXM UrbanView ch.126, for two semesters. I have learned and experienced more than I thought I would, through an internship. During this internship, I have built valuable relationships. I also expanded my skillset and knowledge in various areas pertaining to programming, production, events, campaigns, board engineering, social media marketing and some of the technical aspects of running a channel.

During my time Interning for SiriusXM UrbanView, I had the honor of working with other producers to launch Karen Hunter’s ‘Voter Registration’ campaign, a movement that I strongly believe in. I curated the social media campaign for the launch of 7 new shows on the channel. I gained experience and became fluid in producing a show from start to finish; from show prep, to completing tasks during a live show, to board operations, to post show tasks. I also enjoyed the diverse relationships I’ve gained through booking guest across the channel, networking, working with talent acquisition and producers, and through working with host during live and pre-tape shows. There have been so many amazing experiences that I will never forget. I’ve conducted both live and pre-tape shows, conducted interviews for media packaging purposes, completed several projects and managed the channels social media platforms. I had the honor of being a part of over 7 Town Hall Specials, 4 (+) discussion panels and events (both on and offsite). For these events I aided in preparation, worked as a social media correspondent, and curated media packages for post promotions. I remember prepping to launch Karen Hunter’s ‘Voter Registration’ Drive and Tour, completing my task for her live shows and co-producing 3 specials within the span of two weeks: NAMIC NY, BE@T Time inc., SiriusXM’s AAG- African American Affinity Group “Overcoming the Color Barrier to Senior Leadership and Black Economic Empowerment in the Era 45. It was hectic but an experience I will never forget. My experience with this internship has proven to me, that I can handle anything that comes my way and provide results. It has also solidified my passion for producing, radio broadcasting, using my platform to make a change and this industry overall.

Although there were challenges, they were very exciting and informative. I truly enjoyed learning and being a part of SiriusXM’s team. We worked together to create ideas, execute our ideas through strategy and team work, and worked hard to fulfill goals. My mentors allowed me to truly dive in and gave me valuable advice and guidance along the way. They challenged me to set goals and excel past the expectations of just completing them. Karen Hunter and her team are resilient and have accomplished great things during my two semesters interning for the channel. They kept me busy with valuable work which ultimately expanded my portfolio and skillset. Thank you, Karen , Jameson , Anthony , Stephanie and Tremell for being life changing Mentors!! Thank you, Godfrey, for memorable moments during the Power Hour and to all the hosts of the channel. I will never forget my experience here. Karen you are such a phenomenal woman and I will forever be inspired by you. Thank you SiriusXM for everything!!

Lindsay, Public Relations Intern – NYC Office


Having that “city girl” internship experience had always been a dream of mine. Taking the train and the Subway and knowing exactly where I’m going. Swiping my fancy badge in the lobby to get into the elevator. Sitting in meetings with views of the city far below. And SiriusXM has given me that opportunity, as cheesy as it may sound!

As the sole public relations intern, I was first nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle the workload, or that I would get lonely sitting at intern row. But only a few weeks in that fear was dispelled. Sure I’m busy a LOT, but I’m finally putting the skills of PR I’ve learned in school to the test! And my mentors here have been so helpful, and they give me freedom to do tasks that a junior level PR associate would be doing. Being the only PR intern has also given me the opportunity to work in different areas of SiriusXM: music, sports, politics, you name it. One day I could be writing a press release for talk show launching, and the next day I’m running Getty photographers from studio to studio to take photos of the countless celebrities that walk through our doors.

My favorite experience though has to be working a SiriusXM subscriber concert with Jason Aldean. My mentor brought me along to help handle the photographer and media check-in. So it was not only a learning experience, but I got to see Jason Aldean in a small intimate venue for free. Talk about internship perks!

This internship has been the perfect ending to my college career and I’m so sad to see it end. The professional connections I’ve made here I hope to keep as I begin my journey into the workforce in just a few short months.

Jillian, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Office

When I decided to pursue sports broadcasting back in high school I always thought about how cool it would be to work in the field and be around so many players current and retired. But, I didn’t think I’d meet so many people right away. During my time here so far I’ve met so many players and talked to so many coaches and it’s been so awesome! A dream come true actually.

Though meeting all the players and coaches has been extremely awesome, my favorite aspect of the internship has been working with my producer, Louie, and board ops, Lexi and Danny. They are so much fun and have helped me learn much more about the field than I already knew. My internship here has definitely been one of my favorite experiences throughout my college career.

Over the last few weeks I have felt my confidence grow in regards to giving ideas on what to come out of breaks with, talking with Louie, Lexi and Danny about current topics, and just a general confidence in myself and the field. My internship here at Sirius has greatly impacted my love for sports radio.

Jane, Folk Music Programming Intern – DC Office

As a senior about to graduate from Georgetown University with a dream of following my passion for music, I wanted to spend this final semester learning everything I could about the music industry.  With a background in the label world after two internships at Sony Music, I hoped to immerse myself in another branch of the business to broaden my knowledge. An internship at SiriusXM was the perfect opportunity. After three months working with Mary Sue and Sean in Music Programming, I certainly achieved my goal. I have learned an incredible amount and gained a perspective on music, artists, the recording process and touring process that has improved my understanding of the industry and also deepened my passion for a career in music at the same time.

One of the aspects of my internship that I find very engaging is the use of computer software – namely Zetta and Adobe Audition. As someone with a natural interest in technology, I have really enjoyed the process of learning how to use these programs. Since I was not familiar with either before the internship, I have been learning as I go – with Mary Sue’s and Sean’s guidance, of course. I feel that I have absorbed quickly and am now comfortable using the programs to mix radio shows, set seg points, channelize songs and edit artist interviews. I have developed a passion for editing and post-production that I hope to pursue in a career after the internship.

I also enjoyed attending artist interviews and recording sessions, which provided an invaluable look into behind-the-scenes of SiriusXM. As a seasoned radio interviewer with a natural skill for engaging artists, Mary Sue has demonstrated how to speak with artists, ask informed questions that elicit personal responses and construct a narrative through the editing process. In the past two months, I worked on a range of projects in this area including an interview with folk trio I’m With Her, a recording session with Drew & Ellie Holcomb, and a playlist segment with the rising band First-Aid Kit. Each of these taught me something new about working with artists and piqued my interest in the interview and recording process.

My favorite moment of the semester so far was presenting the members of I’m With Her with a harmonic analysis I completed of their song “See You Around.” I had previously mentioned to Mary Sue that I was preparing for a Music Theory exam, so she asked me to listen to the album and discover an interesting nugget to mention in the interview. The artists loved the analysis and were so appreciative I had taken a deeper look into their work and created a personal reflection on it. Developing this unique bond with the artist was inspiring and I hope to connect with many more artists like this in the future.

Morgan, Digital Content Intern – NYC Office

SiriusXM is really the place for everyone. I applied to Digital Content thinking I would get a little social media experience, but I never expected that I’d get to build my video shooting and editing skills too! This department is so talented and filled with the kindest people, in fact I think the whole company is. I haven’t met a single person yet who isn’t supportive. The interns here are treated like part of the family. It’s such a great environment to learn in, and you really learn a lot. In digital content, I’ve written blog posts for the newsletter, helped shoot and edit videos that get pushed out on social media, and I’ve even gotten to create content from scratch. After this experience with SiriusXM, I feel more than prepared to enter the work world. I highly recommend this internship program to anyone who wants good mentors who allow you to do real work and get a full experience.

Sean, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Office

With this being my second time interning with SiriusXM Sports, I really wanted to appreciate and value my time here. The first time was an eye opening experience of what was expected of me, while I did learn a lot and had a lot of fun in the process, I came back, because I feel I didn’t learn everything I wanted. This time, I knew what to expect and I knew I could perform at a higher level. I can proudly say coming back to intern for a second time at SiriusXM was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This Spring I interned with “The SiriusXM Blitz” on NFL Radio, and I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. The one thing I can proudly say about both of my internships, you are there to work, not to get coffee and learn nothing. In just two months, I learned so much more about the board, editing, screening phone calls, professionalism, you name it, the internship taught me it. In this internship especially, I have learned so much about myself as well as my skills, and everyday I see myself becoming more confident and feeling confident that I can one day do this for a living. SiriusXM is a great place to work, I have the unbelievable opportunity to be a two time intern here, and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything. If you are looking for a place where you will learn about the business and how to perform in it, look no further, I would know, I did it twice.